Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Ohhhhhh baby

I was wandering about on the East Division chat boards when I came across some scouting footage of my favorite new baby goalie Louis Boileau-Domingue, 1st round draft pick of the Moncton Wildcats. I am so desperate for some sweet sweet puckhandling right now that I will settle for watching 16 year old boys do their thing.

Here is Louis in warmup... and here is a game time video montage.

He is a righty, which makes him different (special even), and he looks calm under pressure. He does some of that athletic spinning and rolling around, and like he likes to handle the puck, which by Q-girl standards makes him excellent future 'imaginary goalie boyfriend' material. I even see him there communicating with his boys - and every girl likes a boy who keeps the lines of communication open.

Picture from Le Messager LaSalle


Heather said...

Tres adorable!

I shall bake him some cookies.

Anonymous said...

Sorry but who are you puck bunnies to talk about him that way... :s

Q-girl said...

oh the "puck bunny" terminology. Such a lovely case of name calling isn't it. Nope I am just a hockey fan. Sometimes boys are cute. LBD reminds me of my little cousin. Cute, cheek pinchingly cute.

Not a puck bunny, never a puck bunny. Never touched a hockey player. I maybe wanted to touch Marty Brodeur, but honestly who hasn't. Because the rate of turnover in the league is high it seems like every year I pick a new Q goalie to be my favorite goalie in the league. I then call them my boyfriend. I am far too old for relationships with QMJHL players. Once I see him play it will be all game commentary. I can't wait to actually see him play.

It is all very tongue in cheek. It is just that I really like goalies. Promotion, promotion, promotion for Q goalies.

This is all I am doing...but with cheeky language.