Saturday, July 12, 2008

Picking a New Q Boyfriend

I need a new QMJHL boyfriend for the 2008-09 season. Someone to love for all the wrong reasons, someone for whom my love is driven by tra-la-la-feelingbits and not tra-la-la-statbits*.

Yeah, I know, by default it should be Mark Yetman. He is, after all, the Mooseheads starting goaltender for next season, and slightly more age appropriate than many other boys in the Q given that this will be his 20 year old season. As I have said many times before "That's what I love about these Q-boys. I get older, they stay the same age." But what if, just what if, a jr hockey blogger discovers, for various reasons, both game related and personal, that she does not like her starting goaltender. That she may, in fact, believe her starting goaltender to be a complete and utter asshat. What then?

Of course, I will continue to treat him with the same level of civility I treat all players that grow appropriate non-douchy facial hair. I will continue to praise him for good games, I will still proclaim him mildly adorable -like a 5 year old elf with stumpy fingers. I will just have to trade in my customized 'fear the Yeti' shirt for something more appropriate like an 'I do not believe in abominable netminders' or perhaps even a '17 YO newbie> Yetman' t-shirt.

This puts me in a delicate situation - who shall be my # 1 QMJHL boyfriend? Is it time to go outside of the Moose, or do I just stick with the Moose and, heaven forbid, choose a hockey boyfriend who is not a goalie?

We already know I have proclaimed Bobby Nadeau of the PEI rocket, my new #1 non-Mooseheads goalie boyfriend. So should I stick with Nadeau? He is, afterall, making the move East to be with me. What about some of my old goalie lovers that have moved West like Timo Pielmeier (Shawinigan) or Charles Lavigne (Quebec)? Do I dare venture into the realms of the age-inappropriate love by choosing a youngin' like Louis Domingue, Maxime Clermont or Olivier Roy?

Ist es Liebe, Timo?

I am going to post a poll and let all y'all decide. My poll will be posted to the right. It was hard to whittle it down to 8, but my choices are:

1) Give Yeti one more chance
2) Go with our as of yet undecided backup
3) Bobby Nadeau came all this way for what?
3) Timo Pielmeier looks like a boy you might want to smell
4) Nuts to ageism - Louis Domingue is tall, pouty, toothy and Quebecois
5) Olivier Roy has the skillz to pay the billz
6) Andrew White - forward shmorward. Love the one you're with.
7) Charles Lavigne gives good poke-check.
8) Raffaele D'Orso deserves to be drafted - into your harem.

I need a boyfriend before the start of the next season.

* Tralala feeling-bits brought to you by Pookie and Schnookie at IPB


Heather said...

Such hard decisions. There should be some sort of interview process with the boys.

"Dave Schultz" said...

that timo is quite nice. to look at. Heather's right, there should be an interview. or certainly more photo evidence of the specimens.

Q-girl said...

yeah, i will get around to putting together some photos.