Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sea Dogs vs Huskies: Game 2. Where the hell is Fullerton?

You know what I like – clean cut, clean shaven boys and slick goalies. Combine these two and I melt. So why the hell is Fullerton still turning my crank? He looks like they found a crazy stretchy hobo in Saint John, dressed him up in goalie gear and tossed him into the net. He is also playing like a hobo. I am very disappointed. Then I saw a picture and realized that my crank was still thoroughly turned. When it comes to Fullerton, every logical part of my brain turns to squish, and my brain is mostly logical parts since I am half Vulcan.

The Sea Dogs showed up, got five goals in 25 shots, two on the powerplay (2 of 6), and kept their penalties down to three. Sure they were still bad at faceoffs and still low on hits but they were getting it done in the way the Sea Dogs get it done… somehow and magically. I told the Dogs that if you put the puck on Gougeon he will let them into his net (0.8 save %), but where the hell was Fullerton.

Fully I lust you, but I am taking your picture out of my bra until you find yourself. You are not going to find yourself if you keep your face buried in the ice. Really, 6 goals in 33 shots (0.81 save % - still better than Gougeon). I told you that my goalie assisting love vibes only work for a radius of 500 miles and that your time in Rouyn will be entirely dependant upon your skill, but is your skill that bad…is it all goalie assisting love vibes that keep you going? When you come home you must soak up the love vibes and hold on to them and take them back with you to Rouyn (if you make it back to Rouyn), which means you will have to win at least two of your next three home games. The Sea Dogs could have won had you actually shown up to last night's game. You are at risk of being replaced by Mayer. MAYER. Arrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhh. Suck it up and get back to work bitch. No more losing 7-5.

I am watching Jake Allen on TV as he is playing for Canada in the IIHF under 18 tournament, he kinda scuddles like you. Is this what they teach at you at Alexander Goaltending? It is soooo cute.

Update - We just defeated Finland 2-1 - hooray


Photos for game two are available at Michel Fortin’s image site

and at the Huskies website for the April 18th game

Mayer got a new helmet

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