Saturday, April 19, 2008

Sea Dogs vs Huskies: Game 1

Let me just say that I need a little French friend to be my translator since all these games broadcast from Rouyn-Noranda are going to be en Francais. I would prefer a slim, 6'2, young French farmboy, with soft fluffy hair, a cute nose, nice chompers and pretty pouty lips. If you can find me a goalie that fits that description - that would be perfect. Since the Mooseheads will be playing Gatineau tonight I hope I can find one that fits that description at the Metro Centre. I will just have to convince him that my intentions are perfectly innocent. Failing that I will take Martin Brodeur since he is out of a job for the rest of the summer.

Oy Dogs, what have you gone and done? I guess that depends on which dogs we are talking to. The Saint John Sea Dogs have lost game one of the semi-final matchup to the Rouyn-Noranda Huskies 5-3.

If the question is who adapted better in their special teams, the answer is clearly Rouyn because the Sea Dogs were not able to capitalize on 8 power play opportunities. EIGHT. Furthermore the Sea Dogs were absolutely creamed throughout the game when it came to puck possession. It started so well - two goals in 7 minutes for the Sea Dogs and then they totally slacked off - dumb move. I don't know how many odd man rushes they gave up at the end of the first period, and the second period was absolutely brutal since all the action was in the Sea Dogs end, with Rouyn getting 20 shots on net to the Sea Dogs 5.

After allowing 5 goals on 37 shots, Travis Fullerton was relieved from his duties in nets early in the third period, and Robert Mayer took over, standing strong for the rest of the game. Fully was not pulled due to suckage but supposedly because "It was not for a poor effort on Fullerton's part, but a reprieve from wave after wave of Rouyn-Noranda's offensive attack."

The Sea Dogs were severely out-faceoffed - 45 to 32 (it is too a word!), out-hit (14 to 8), and out-shot (48 to 21). I hope they have learned a valuable lesson from this disaster. These are basic concepts in hockey (except the Gougeon part). Learn them, use them.
  1. Your goalie is not a relentless puck stopping machine, he needs help sometimes (0.865 save %).
  2. If you take penalties, your opponent gets powerplays
  3. If they have power plays they will have possession of the puck
  4. If you hit them you can gain possession of the puck
  5. If you have the puck, then Rouyn does not have the puck
  6. If you have the puck you can put it on their net
  7. If you put the puck on the net Gougeon will let it in (0.8571 save % with 3 dangerous shots).
The three stars of the game were all Huskies: 1) Struthers, 2) Lepine and 3) Giguere. Struthers had two goals for the Huskies, and Debuc, Morrison (how quickly you turn on your Maritime brethren) and Carpentier were also able to find the net. Didomenico, Picard-Hooper and Howes had goals for the Sea Dogs. My sweet little, big defenseman Simon Despres had two assists - Awwwww.

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