Sunday, April 20, 2008

Mooseheads vs Olympiques: Game 1. Meh.

The Gatineau Olympiques defeated the Halifax Mooseheads 2-1 in overtime. There I got that off of my chest. You can read Wuest' s game blog at the Metro. I am ready for game two. I don’t think Gatineau outplayed us, but I also do not think that the Moose gave their hardest fought effort. Maybe it is just that both teams are really rusty from being off for more than a week and they were also testing out the waters, since we have only faced each other twice this season.

The three stars were Byron, Giroux and Yetmen who had a 0.94 save %.

Gatineau opened the scoring at 8:28 into the second with a goal by Byron from Pistilli and Giroux. Pistilli sounds delicious; I assume it contains pine nuts and wild mushrooms in a cream sauce with port. Voracek responded for the Mooseheads ten minutes later with a goal on the powerplay. Then I had to sit there and watch as we did nothing 5 on 5 for the rest of regulation except throw the puck to the side of the net. Byron finished us off in OT.

If you think the things I say about Travis Fullerton are bad, you are lucky that I don’t say what I think about the Moose goalies – so nuzzley sweet. My feelings for P-O can be likened to Michael’s crush on the Chair Model in a recent episode of the office. It is just that sad. There was a feature on the goalies in this week’s team program and this, of course, got me sooo excited that my Lady balls dropped.

Neither the Mooseheads nor Gatineau forwards actually wasted their time challenging the goalies – 33 vs 36 shots in 74:15 minutes of play. I think Yeti was challenged by the forwards moreso than Ryan Mior. Gatineau had a couple of breakaway chances that Yeti handled with aplomb. Thank the Gods for Yeti. So while Yeti faced only a few more shots than Mior, they were more dangerous shots. I don’t know how many times our forwards missed the net. Mior must wear a puck repelling cologne or he is a very lucky bitch.

I must give credit to the Ds for keeping the puck away from the net. Go defense go. More specifically go O’MacMonabonaenderchuk. I am not saying Go Go Gatineau Ds - I would not do that. Our defense helped with killing off a full 4 powerplays and kept that squirrely Giroux away from the net. Now all we have to do is try to avoid falling down in OT followed by standing around in shock as Byron skates by with the puck, gets into our zone all alone, comes face to face with Yeti, and gets a goal. It made Andrew White so angry that Byron stole his move (except Byron went glove side on Yeti, not blocker side like White did with Roy) that he tried to smash his stick on the boards right in front of me.

Hooray for me. I managed to resist stealing Claude Giroux and putting him in my pocket and taking him home. I secretly love him and I want to keep him in a cage with a wheel. I promise I will give him fresh food and water everyday. He is growing a little goatee thing. Awwww he thinks he is men. Clermont is pretty adorable too, such chubby little cheeks. I am also an orange junkie, which means that while I don’t really like his pads because they are gaudy and I like white pads, I still kinda like his pads. The orange is a bold choice. Did I mention his chubby cheeks?


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Gatineau wins Game One.


Special message to Carey Price:
What the fuck Carey!!! I don't just love you because you are pretty, I mean it helps, but come-on guy - pull it together. You got a shut out with a big pimple on your nose, and yet when you look good - nothing. 10 goals against in two games. You and Fully are up in the same abysmal tree. Get out of that tree, back onto the ice, and play like you have never played in your life.

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