Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Little things

Apparently the Moose got their playoff hair 'did' today. Mohawks again?

I think the Sea Dogs got their dos too...and they went blond. I told them not to go blond. Boys never listen to me. There is a Canada AM video which was filmed this morning, in which enforcer Brett Gallant appears with the Sea Dog's #1 fan Kathryn. Brett had blond hair.

David Connell has posted new pics from the Saint John vs PEI and Moncton games and so I finally got a good look at Fully's new helmet. Why the new non-Sea Dog themed helmet? Does Fully have secret post playoff plans that we all don't know about? Also, why get a new helmet now, 3 games prior to the end of the season and with only the playoffs remaining in his QMJHL career. Fully is definitely hiding something from me. The helmet has the Fullerton family crest on the front. It turns out that the name Fullerton is Scottish, not Irish as I had originally thought (it also explains the man in the kilt on the side of the helmet). The weird thing about the family crest is that it actually looks like it has three angry seal heads on it (what the hell are those things) which would make it perfectly appropriate for a Sea Dog.

This is why I love Fully. My love for him grew out of this kind of save, and really has nothing to do with how very fucking sexy-dirty he looks, or the fact that Scotsmen...

Awards night:
PEI Rocket had their awards night. Player of the year went to netminder M-A Gelinas.

Moncton also had their awards night last night

The Eagles had their awards ceremony 1000 years ago (aka March 11), but I am posting this now due to its association with all other Awards nights.

Sea Dogs have their Awards night tonight. ohhh the suspense.

Q-girl has problems:
It has only been 2.5 days since my last game and I am having the DTs. I don't know how I will survive the summer. I also said this last summer, yet somehow I survived. I told myself I was not going to do this to myself this year. I skipped pre-season games and the home opener. Then I saw the engineering students heading to game 2 and I started jonesing for hockey. I cracked like all addicts do and went to that game, better late than never. I have not turned back.

I will miss P-O. He had me totally wrapped around his blocker from the very first time I saw him play. I am very loyal to my netminders, so if you got me...you really got me. I am like a motherfucking leech. I hate that he is not our number one going into the playoffs. I think he fucked up just to hurt me. Either that or we broke him during the Lewiston game (Feb 6) and nobody noticed but me (you have to look in the eyes - he looked miserable by the end of that game).

Oh well, he got a pretty picture of himself in his Mooseheads gear that his parents can put up in the den (his hair is so fluffy here and he looks kind of evil-dangerous-sexy, which is not his usual look). This year with the Moose was just not the best way to round out a very promising hockey career. I want to speak with him, ask what went wrong, and let him spill his guts to me while I feed him freshly baked cookies. Smart hos before selfish bros and all that - however, maybe there is no story to tell. Or maybe, I don't really want to ever meet him because in real life he is really a total ass and not as sweet and misunderstood as I imagine. I often give boys more credit than they deserve. He is, after all, a boy jock, while I am like Tina Fey if she was younger and a scientist...and never the two shall cross paths for fear of apocalyptic levels of awkwardness.

Now he can run back to St. Louis-Du-Ha!-Ha! and be a volunteer firefighter or an accountant (or both) and waste his life; maybe knock up some dumb blond and have 2 babies by the time he is 23. Not that I want this for him, I really wish him much more success in his hockey future, if he actually has a future in hockey. I want him to be able to share the 'tall glass of French prettiness' that is Pier-Olivier Pelletier with the world. I also hope he has the common sense to refrain from making babies until he is at least 28, but he is a hockey player and I find that many of them make foolish decisions, like getting married and having babies before they are 22. Married at 22, divorced dad by 30 - who would want you now? Oh wait, are we talking about Brodeur now? I would love to... but the 4 kids thing really kills the romance.

NHL News:
Poor Vesku. Now that I see that, I think nobody has the right to bitch about what P-O does or doesn't do ever again. I will be a little puck Vesa can carry around in his man-purse for good luck. At least the leafs won. No wait: is that good or bad? ...and Colaiacovo got hurt AGAIN. He is more delicate than me - and I can hurt myself eating bread.

I don't hate the leafs. I am just bitter because of the years of love I gave to them and yet got nothing in return. As a fan I know when to hold 'em and know when to fold 'em. I dumped the leafs a few years ago because they could not give me what I really wanted in a hockey team. Loyalty to a team is a foolish concept, especially when the team changes so much over the run of 10 years. I already know that the NJ Devils may not be my boys within 5 years of Marty's departure. I hate Oilers fans who are still holding on to the glory days of Gretzky. Those days are long gone boys, pack up and move on. I don't let oilers fans pet my dog.

Captain Rick Nash is adorable.

Somebody or something broke Rick DiPietro. Stupid all-stars game.

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