Wednesday, March 19, 2008

It is just a little goalie obsession...that is all.

The Saint John Sea Dogs had their awards banquet last night. The big winner of the night was Leafs draft pick Christopher DiDomenico, who walked away with 4 awards. More details can be found at the Sea Dogs web site.

As for playoff hair, Fullerton must have known that by going blond he was doing me wrong - which is why he went black.
"Saint John's forwards and defence dyed their hair blond for the playoff run while the netminders went with jet black."
I sooooooo want to see that. Black hair with the blond moustache? How the hell is that going to work? Unless he shaved, nooooooo. Keep the moustache, I love the moustache (that is the first and only time I will ever say that) - it is part of Fully's appeal. Am I a woman obsessed? Yes.

I love the end of the telegraph journal article:
"As for goaltending, most people expect the opening game starters to be Travis Fullerton for Saint John and Marc-Antoine Gelinas for P.E.I. However, both coaches are holding their card close to the vest and said no decision has been made."
JB has been dicking Travis around for months. I think it has been clear for quite some time who the starting netminder will be. No offense to Mayer, but T-Full O'Sexy is older, has more experience, and clearly has the better numbers (2.98 GAA, 0.905 sv% vs Mayer's 3.77 GAA, 0.877 sv%). Mayer has so many more years to get the job done, and gets plenty of ice time and fairly good treatment in Saint John all things considered. He gets better treatment in Saint John than he would ever get as a netminder in Halifax. JB has to stop treating Mayer with kid gloves when it comes to naming Fully the starter.

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