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Sober Monday updates

'Tis Monday and 'tis St. Patrick's day, and I am a sober Irish Cape Bretoner who is refraining from using bad curse words, and trying not to objectify boys. You will not find a single double-entendre in my blog today. OK, well maybe just a couple, but they were not on purpose. I went back and read my post and thought, well that could be interpreted as dirty. I refuse to change how I write - you are the one with the dirty mind.

The Q has once again announced its players of the week:

Offensive Player of the week:
Patrick Bernier - Shawinigan Cataractes

How appropriate that we give props to a boy named Patrick on St. Patrick's day. Every time I turn around lately there is a boy named Bernier in my face (Yes, he is the younger brother of Steve Bernier of Sharks/ Buffalo fame). In two games against Val d'Or and Drummondville (what a challenging week for the Cataractes) Bernier registered 2 goals and four assists and had a +5 rating. Good for him.

Also rans:

Mathieu Perreault - Acadie-Bathurst
Michael Dubuc - Rouyn-Noranda
Stefano Giliati - Lewiston

Defensive Player of the week:
Alex Grant - Saint John Sea Dogs
Congratulations to this NS boy and Captain of the Sea Dogs.

Dear Alex, As the captain, if I give you orders will you have to demand the appropriate action by your underlings? Your goalies?

Alex came to town and told his Dogs to spank our asses. Spankings accomplished. The Dogs had three games this week: PEI, Moncton and Halifax with two wins and an overtime loss. During this span Captain Alex (argggg Matey) had a +6 rating. I tried to find Grant in my latest set of pics and it appears as if all my pics are Mayer, fuzzy Fully, Charland (Why do I like # 22's so much - what? Don't look at me like that. I like him for his brains), Sauvé and Després. I do, however, have a clear picture of Captain Alex's backside.

I have an overwhelming urge to force feed cookies to Keven Guérette-Charland. He is adorable. I will sit him down with Simon Després and give them both cookies and milk. I mean look at Simon - adorable, or at least as adorable as a 6'3, 210lb, 16 year old boy can be. Give this boy cookies now. If you do not feel the same way then there is something wrong with you.

Also rans:
Nicolas Champion - Acadie Bathurst Titan
Maxime Renaud -
Acadie Bathurst Titan
Bobby Nadeau - Chicoutimi Sagueneens

In the Sportsnet hot or not list:

Michael Frolik of the Rimouski Oceanic was named the cold player of the week. Did you know Frolik is the name of a brand of German dog food - well it is. Since I have been told this, every time I hear his name I think of dogs. The Moncton Wildcats were named the cold team - how many losses was it going to take for Sportsnet to figure that out.

The Hot player of the week is perpetual pain in our side Jordan Clendenning of the Screaming Eagles, like, when is Clandenning not hot. He is the Mooseheads public enemy #1... and of course the hot team is the very team which ditched their captain Clendenning in October, the Acadie-Bathurst Titan. Sportsnet are slow on the draw with this one too. The Titan have been hot as hell (unlike Bathurst itself) for about 2 months.

Facts Facts Facts:

Playoff pairings:

Halifax vs Victoriaville
Saint John vs PEI
Acadie Bathurst vs St. John's
Cape Breton vs Lewiston

Rouyn-Noranda vs Val d'Or
Baie Comeau vs Rimouski
Gatineau vs Shawinigan
Quebec vs Chicoutimi

It turns out that flea ridden huskies of Rouyn-Noranda are the first place team in the Q this year with 97 points and a 0.671 win %

Points race final five:

Mathieu Perreault - Bat - 65 GP- 114
Squirrels Giroux - Gat - 55 GP - 106
Francis Pare - Chi - 69 - GP - 102
Jakub Voracek - Hal - 53 GP -101
Dean Ouellet - Cap - 70 GP - 97

Goalies top 5 (GAA):

Bobby Nadeau - Chi - 2.63
Jonathan Bernier - Lew - 2.73
Ryan Mior - Gat - 2.77
Marco Cousineau - Bac - 2.81
Peter Delmas - Lew - 2.84

mmmm a Carey Price interview is on TV right now.

Goalies top 6 (save%):

Timo Pielmeier - St. John's - 0.911
Kevin Desfosses - Que - 0.910
Nicola Riopel - Mon - 0.910
Raffaele D'Orso - VdO - 0.908
Jonathan Bernier - Lew - 0.908
Travis Fullerton -Saint John - 0.905

Jonathan Bernier (Yes, he is the younger brother of Vancouver draft pick Marc-André Bernier) makes both lists. My Mom is so right about Jon. But I still want to take Fullerton home so my mother can look at him once and say "no, I don't like that boy at all". Then I'll sneak him back into my room just to spite her. Notice how I made this list 6 goalies long just so I could fit Fully in there. He is so wonderfully dirty looking. He is the polar opposite of Jon - and to think he used to be Jon's back-up in Lewy. There are 3 days left before the close of the Sea Dogs Jersey auction. The things I could do with a game-worn Fullerton jersey. Oh goalie jersey covered in 10-15 lbs of Fullerton sweat and old water that dribbled out of Travis's mouth and ran down his face. I bet it smells disgusting - how very sick of me to want it. If I win it can I get Fully to deliver it? I will pay for his travel expenses. Can we make him wear it so that I can then peel it off of him? Does he go to bed at night crying because he does not want to be thought of as just another piece of meat?

I am still disappointed that I have been stood up. Oh how I could have used a good Fullying. Honestly, I have been dying to see him play again. I thought about it everyday. I have two thoughts in my brain at any given moment, and two thoughts alone: 1) Fullerton, 2) Pelletier. When I was not thinking about if I will ever see P-O play again, I was thinking about Fully coming to town.

He was wearing a new helmet in warm ups, but I did not get a good picture. This is his third helmet this year. He never wears his 'new' helmet from earlier this season, the one that is styled so that the NB flag is superimposed over his name.

Then we have Nicola...Nicola is on a bad team but has such a good save % - I need to give Nicola more theoretical kisses than I do because to play for a team that is eliminated from the playoffs but still be in the top 5 in save % is pretty damn amazing.

Halifax vs Saint John:

I talked to the Sauve ladies (three ladies in Sauve Jerseys)…they were fun…but what is the point of being at the game and not watching the game. Get thee to thine seats Sauve ladies.

People had best stop hurting my puppy. This is two games in a week where puppy has been hit and required a trainer to come onto the ice and tend to him. Puppy has the weirdest eyes in the whole of the QMJHL. His weird eyes fascinate me.

We are so proud - he has won the Mooseheads best Sportsmanship award. Good puppy. I have given my puppy the name “Spanish inquisition”. Do you like your new name puppy? We will have to get you some jerseys with your new name on the back for the playoffs. I do however suspect that other teams are beginning to 'expect you', what with the number of hits you have been taking lately.

Now that I have sobered up I wish I had been paying more attention to the game. Specific details are blurry. Poor P-O has the shittiest luck. I think half the goals against him this year have been bounces off of our defenseman's skates. I was thinking this after that nasty game in Lewiston where we lost 6-1. I was thinking, are other teams actually looking to deflect pucks off of our defenseman's skates. It is still happening. The other teams are starting to look very smart. I loved loved loved P-O's diving save on DiDo's shot. I knew there was a reason why he is my number one netminder. Stupid Sparling and his 5 on 3 goal. If I go home to Sydney this summer I will hunt him down and slap him for P-O.

Our PP was excellent. I know the dogs do not have the best PK, but they have been steadily improving their PK over the past couple of weeks. Our PP however feels weak as hell, so to get three goals on 6 PPs is pretty darn good for us. Is the moral to keep Voracek off the point or to leave Voracek, Bods and Marchand off of the PP altogether, and keep Bods on for the PK only. Stars shmars. However, we still managed to give up a short handed goal on the PP. Why do we keep doing that? Defense people - defense is always important. Help a goalie out once in a while. Your job is not just to stand in front of the net and act like a deflecting post for goals to go into our net. May I point out that the Dogs were also 50% on their PP. At least we only gave them four power-play opportunities. It is so hard for a girl who loves effective, stay-at-home defensemen, and loves the NJ Devils to also love the Mooseheads. You kill me sometimes Moose, you really do.

I hate the local media coverage of the game here, and here. It comes across as if winning that final game did not really matter. Don't you want to be the best team possible, the team that takes the east championship by 4 points, and not the team that takes the championship by default. DEFAULT. We are the default team - and the attitude portrayed by the media is that the team and organization thinks this is perfectly acceptable. We strive for nothing. We accept wins to lesser teams that we barely earn, we readily accept losses on games we should have won. Good for the Moose - kings by default. Some things about this organization are so frustrating that it is unbelievable. The powerhouse 'money' team that was built to win is tied for first in the East with the worst team in the division two years running; the little up-start team (full of 16 and 17 year olds) with all the heart that wasn't supposed to be this good. It is hard to not love the Sea Dogs. It is also hard to not love the Eagles. It is very easy to hate the Mooseheads. We are the most reviled team in the East. Do we ever wonder why?

I hate to have ended this on a negative note, but I needed to get that off of my chest. The attitude of the team as its portrayed by the media is bad. The attitude of the media is bad....and if I am any indication of what a Moose-fan is, then the attitude of a Moose-fan is bad....and I am one of the more positive fans from what I can tell. However, I think so many things I do not dare say. I still love my goalies, my Steve Lund, my Whitey and a multitude of assorted unnamed players though.

See all y'all Friday.


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