Friday, December 18, 2009


So that is my Christmas gift is it? The Mooseheads lost 7-1 to the Saint John Sea Dogs.

An intermission interview with Garrett Clarke taught me that I should cut Clarke some slack. He likes the Flyers. That explains everything. If I had snagged a Clarke poster I would be licking it right now.

I enjoy the Flyers. I enjoy them a lot. I almost forgot how much I enjoy assholes, like Clarke and the Flyers, because all the goals other teams have been scoring on the power play while Clarke sits in the penalty box trying to find Gabriel O'Connor's hidden stash of porno mags  kinda blinded me with rage.

Dude, the pornos are just a myth. No need to be in that box.  Let's hang, have a beer and talk about how we would let Philly put their P in our V. I would take a ride on Carcillo's moustache. Would you? So it's agreed! We should both wear more orange to demonstrate our love for Philly. We should start a club.

As for Boston over Montreal? - fuckin' eh! I agree! Why have I been wetting my panties for all those Toronto loving chumps and Sidney Crosby fans. I mean honestly - who the fuck chooses Crosby over Ovie? Half-wits, that's who!

Here, let me just kick my real bf (a Toronto fan), my imaginary bf (not a Moosehead player but also a Toronto fan), Jessyko and Sawyer out of my bed and make you a little nest out of frilly unmentionables and soft girlie bits. Oh hey baby. That interview was the best part of the night.

Wait! How do you feel about David Clarkson of the NJ Devils?

Please don't think that this is an endorsement of you being "too cool for school". I actually prefer dorks with a secret evil streak...and a big...

cookies for X-mas caroling boys

Everything that happened AFTER the first period and after Clarke's interview is totally not worth talking about. The second period was a disaster. The third period was just counting down the time until the end of the game.

I am just happy that Grondin was able to come into the game in relief of Corbeil and play well. It has been a while since he has played and I have not been nervous. He must have learned to "look forwards, not backwards, upwards, not forwards". The Hannay/Thomas fight was also pretty impressive... in that Hannay was not destroyed.

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RedFridayGirl said...

I have a poster for you.. I was going to use it for target practice.

Let me know if you want it :-)