Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I should probably...

The world hates me.

The Mooseheads will be offering a limited edition Sawyer Hannay poster at the Dec 27 game against the Moncton Wildcats. I will not be at that game.

Stupid Christmas! Stupid Mooseheads! Why do they want to keep Sawyer and I apart? Why don't they want me to have a Hannay poster that I can cut the face off of and glue to a teddy bear that I can then take to bed with me every night.

Ok wait. That is sick. So I am no longer a teenage girl but I have just given you a brief glimpse into the mind of a teenage girl and I am sure it scared the shit out of you. Yet I still  want a Hannay poster to add to the pile. You know the pile. It is the place in the closet where you stuff all of that Mooseheads shit you have gathered over the years. Ahhhh the pile.

...and ahhh Hannay. Who can resist that face?

My X-mas wish? My very own Hannay. I'm not entirely sure what I would do with it but I know that it would get three meals a day, dress properly, and keep it's boy bits away from scrags.

The December 27 game may also mark the return of Alex MacDonald - in a Wildcats uniform. Alex was traded to his hometown Moncton Wildcats in exchange for a 12th round pick. Alex was originally a 7th round pick. I still have this feeling that the whole MacDonald /Dimitruk swap was a scam...and to give them MacDonald for a 12th round pick. puhhhhhlease. The Moncton Newspapers are reporting that 18 year old MacDonald may be the #5 D on Moncton
Moncton also acquired defenceman Alex MacDonald, 18, from the Halifax Mooseheads in exchange for a 12th round pick in the 2010 QMJHL draft. The Moncton native is 6-foot-4, 185 pounds and he has 54 games of QMJHL experience. He began this season in the QMJHL, but the Mooseheads then re-assigned him to the Dieppe Commandos of the Maritime Junior A Hockey League.
The Wildcats have the best defence corps in the league with a top four group of David Savard, Mark Barberio, Simon Jodoin and Brandon Gormley. They may keep eight defencemen with MacDonald and rookies Dillon Donnelly, Patrick Downe and Mitchell Fraser.
The Wildcats don't have a clear-cut No. 5 defenceman at this point. MacDonald could slip into that role given that he has an experience edge on Donnelly, Downe and Fraser.
"I thought Alex MacDonald was very solid in Halifax last season," said Flynn. "He'll bring some experience and depth to our lineup. He'll get a chance to come in here and compete for some minutes."

Why was MacDonald treated like a second class citizen by the Moose?  The only benefit I see is that I may now have a second Wildcats boyfriend. LBD was probably feeling a little suffocated by such targeted theoretical love. You gotta spread that stuff around. No Louis, you may not leave Moncton. I forbid it.

Former Moosehead Alexis Piette was traded from the Lewiston Maineiacs to the Chicoutimi Sagueneens. In less than two years he has been with three teams. Damn, that has really got to be hard on a kid.  Alex really gave the impression that Lewiston was not his favorite place. At least now that he is back in Quebec he can drown all of his sorrows in a bottle. That is how I do.

As for current Mooseheads that are not named Sawyer Hannay: 
Mathieu Corbeil is the Mooseheads QMJHL Academic player for the Month of December.
"Matt already is showing signs of wisdom and dependability. His insight and his desire to learn make him a real winner."

...and according to the Mooseheads twitter feed Brent Andrews was given an A for team Atlantic in the 16 and under tournament.


RedFridayGirl said...

Q-Girl, we will pick up an extra couple of posters for you if you wish.. he is a cutie..you might need to paste a few heads on bears, this is a poster to be had. I hope that they will start doubling up on the posters so all of our favorite players are on them.

My heart goes out to Alex... I have to agree with your comment that he was treated like a 2nd class citizen... hello people we live in Canada, aren't we suppose to be nice?

Ok ya gotta love the videos that John Moore posted. I think that he should do more of the candid ones. I had some of the best Belly Laughs EVER... especially about the "Bromance" gift.. I almost pee'd my pants.

Congrats to Mathieu on for QMJHL Academic player.. .I hope they win a good prize...

I wish EVERYONE a Very Merry Christmas

Q-girl said...

I would love a bonus Hannay poster, but if it doesn't happen I will live...somehow.

RedFridayGirl said...

We can see what we can do to hook you up :-) it says on the facebook fan page that they were only planning on doing 2 posters up.. I hope they look into doing others