Friday, December 18, 2009

Dear Tomas

Gosh, has it been 2.5 years?
I know you probably think that I don't appreciate you because I do not gush and fawn over you. Nothing could be further from the truth. You wear the jersey right? So that means you are indeed one of my boyfriends. Captain boyfriend!

Without you my other boyfriends would not be a cohesive unit (last night was a fluke, right?).  Chaos would ensue.  Charles Bety would just randomly fall over, Randell would be shooting pucks at the boards, Metcalfe would be punching everything that moves, Gabriel Desjardins would marry Carl Gelinas, we wouldn't be able to keep Garrett Clarke out of the penalty box, and Gerrad Grant would always have his hands on his stick (the other stick).  oh wait....

Then why don't I fawn, you may ask? The thing about supah-stah forwards is that they have LOTS of girlfriends and I am an immensely jealous kinda girl. I am not mentally prepared to put you first and thus put myself in that kind of situation. The kinda situation that could lead to me ripping the heads off of teenage girls in Knotek jerseys and yelling SCRAG at their disembodied remains.

To tell you the truth when I saw the team play PEI last week I was not thinking "oh hey, this could be the last time I will ever see Tomas in a Mooseheads jersey". To be dumped like this. God, that would be horrible. One day I am smiling and watching you make Gerrad Grant and Travis Randell be the best that they can be and the next day I find a post-it on my seat at the MC that says "to je více než"*.

The thing is this- it takes +/-23 boys and 1 girl to make this relationship work. Everybody has to be on board. Some boys go unwillingly, others go by choice. You have a choice.  If one boy no longer wants to be in the relationship then there is nothing I can do about it. As many of us who have experienced heartbreak before know - it only takes one person to end it. 

If you are going to do it  then do it quick. Don't just stop talking to us and pretend you are busy. Girls don't deal well with being ignored. You just gotta come out and say, "hey Moose Country, it's been great, but I met this team in insert shitty Quebecois town here and they do the craziest things that you just can't do. I am growing up, getting older, and I want adventure and a President's cup before I die. A championship team can get me recognition and maybe I can finally get the accolades I deserve. I just can't do that with you."

I will not be happy about it but I think I will understand. 

Unless you leave us for PEI *stab stab*. Please, do not go to PEI. No one likes PEI.  They will bring you nothing but misery. So far this year two guys have just up and quit and they had a coaching change. It is a team full of miscreants (Southorn), thuggish lady-beaters (Doyle) and rejects (Cousineau). They are a perennial disappointment and have NEVER made it past the first round of the playoffs. They loaded up and yet the best they can do is 6th place. PEI is not the answer...unless you like to play Anne of Green Gables in the bedroom.

That being said - please, don't go anywhere. I like your impish grin, your cute accent and your abundant fancy moves. We really don't need more draft pics, just smarter draft choices.

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* dear google translate - please don't fail me
**PS. I have designed two Knotek shirts for Zazzle I just have not added them yet.
***google translate totally did me wrong.

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RedFridayGirl said...

Let's hope there is no post it on your seat.. there is nothing worse than being dumped by a post it :-(

You know what I am sure that your Captain Boyfriend won't let you down.. he will stay where he is loved! The guys need him and the fans need him.

The way you feel about Tomas I sometimes feel about other players, what happens when they leave? They move on to bigger and better things? Most of the time they find out minutes before the world does :-( how do you mend your heart and the hearts of those around you? Why can't the good awesome ones stay under 20 forever?

Sending Staying VIBES to all the moose players :-)