Thursday, November 12, 2009

What fuckery is this?

Dude do you get paid...

(because I don't, so I can make mistakes like 1: the other day with the Marty thing and I was like Wha? when my boyfriend told me he had his 1000th game but I rolled with it even though I thought "didn't that already happen" 2: and all the times I spell Hannay "Hannah" and Metcalfe "Metcalf" and 3: like how Pierre McGuire said Marchand and Latendresse were on the same Canada World Jr team the other day when he was broadcasting live during the Boston vs Montreal game- that's an el booboo and no I am not Pierre McGuire)

...because you submitted this to your newspaper and you (or someone else) fuck it up THIS BAD.

Akex NacDonald is NOT how you spell Alex MacDonald.

I mean really Neil Hodge, it is nice that you want to include your Monctonian Moosehead in there when you are talking about how Moncton will be playing the Mooseheads this weekend but...Alex is no longer playing for the Mooseheads and his name is not Akex.

Good Day good Sir.

Thanks to Dan for the link

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