Wednesday, November 11, 2009

gute Nachricht

Mooseheads defenceman Konrad Abeltshauser has been invited to play for his home country of Germany in the World Junior hockey tournament this year.

A trip to the world juniors means that Konrad will be away for most of December but I am OK with that because I have other unusually tall defencemen to keep me warm (right Hannay). A trip to the world Juniors will increase his exposure and a good performance combined with worldwide exposure will increase his odds of being drafted by an NHL team. Drafty is good.

Special K

According to an interview with Konrad on Sports and Moore Konrad was "freaked out. He was soooo excited he jumped around and turned up the music. I was happy that my billets weren't home because they would think I'm crazy"

Konrad is being too cute. He needs to stop cougarbaiting because it could get dangerous (for him).

I also expect Tomas Knotek to receive an invite from the Czech team, so there will be no 'Special K' (choose your favorite flavour - Konrad or Knotek) for Moosefans in December. I can deal.

Edit: for more information see the Q-files

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