Sunday, November 22, 2009

Short handed...empty net...crap

The mooseheads lost to the Drummondville Voltigeurs 5-3. I will technically take that as a 4-3 since the volts got their 5th on a short handed empty netter with 3 seconds remaining in the game. Just so Couturier knows....that does not officially count as a hattie. Not in my books.

I was out. All I really know is the box score.
Charles Bety and Gerrad Grant (x2) were the goal scorers for Halifax.

Moose were balls considering that this was a last place team playing an upper tier team. BALLS.

Jessyko and I have broken up. I hope he feels unburdened now.


RedFridayGirl said...

I have been a little slack on the blogging... life gets in the way :-) I think that the moose played a good game and I hope Corbeil wasn't hurt when he left the ice the other night..

Q-girl said...

Apparently Corbeil may be indeed be hurt. According to Wuest his pinky finger on his trapper hand is misbehaving. They will get it X-rayed when he gets back to Halifax. Hopefully it is not broken.

If it is broken he will have to sit back and relax while wearing a shiny new MCT t-shirt (so that nobody forgets who he is).

RedFridayGirl said...

:-( that isn't good.. lets hope that he heals quickly.. Keep us posted on what you hear :-) I need to stay in the loop..

I think he would look GREAT in a MCT shirt..