Sunday, November 22, 2009

Get your T-shirts!

Or not...
I have posted some early designs on Zazzle. A link to the zazzle store can be found in the sidebar. Or here.

Designs can be put on other styles of shirt for your purchasing pleasure. They tend to look best on white. I am working on an MCT design but my Corel skillz leave something to be desired.

I kinda think I made a mistake with Jessyko. I want back in. This imaginary relationship is making me bitter.


RedFridayGirl said...

I love this idea... I want a hoodie.. :-) are they ready to buy soon? Let me know when you have more designs up.. I can't decide which one I want :-)

Q-girl said...

Yes. Whatever designs are up on Zazzle right now are currently available to buy.

RedFridayGirl said...

Cool... will you be adding more designs before Christmas? just incase I want to place an order.

Q-girl said...

More designs. That sounds like work. I guess things will just happen when they happen. When they happen I will post about it.

Anonymous said...

i'm actually serious about buying one, how can i get one?

Q-girl said...

GO to the zazzle website. Choose the design you like. Click it - for example MCT:

Then you have to choose your style, colour and size of shirt you want the design on. Different styles have different prices, so keep an eye out for price changes as you scroll through the shirt options.

Then add it to your cart. Like many online purchases you may need to start an online account with them to order.

Zazzle has a lot of special sales so keep an eye out for discount promotion codes. Shipping to Halifax costs about $7.00- which kinda sucks.

Q-girl said...

PS. Right now there is a promotion for free shipping on all orders over $45 with the coupon code "CAWINTERSHIP". This offer ends Dec 10.

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