Monday, November 9, 2009

Oh hey baby, how you doin'?

You are looking good today, all white and leathery. What's your name?

Trapper Thériault? So that's where the T in MCT comes from. Trapper, why, that's a rugged name. You aren't related to Sarah Palin are you?

No! Good. You scared me for a second there. That really sounds like the name of a Palin Family kid. Maybe it's what Sarah calls her....oh never mind

Listen honey. I've been kinda lonely lately. Tell me a little bit bout your fine self. If I like you I'll give you a whirl.

You are friends with Mathieu Corbeil. That's hot.
You helped him win stars in three consecutive games against Saint John, Val d'Or and PEI.
I'm still listening.
You helped him defeat Val d'Or and PEI
In three games the two of you had a 1.67 GAA and a 0.945 save % after having stopped 86 of 91 shots.
How many of those saves in the game against PEI were made by you? A billion! Wow!

...and now Mathieu Corbeil is taking all the credit for the QMJHL defensive player of the week award. How selfish. You must feel bad.

I have just the thing to make you feel better. Follow me under the bleachers...

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