Sunday, November 29, 2009


That game against Victoriaville last weekend never happened. I never wrote about it and thus it never happened. No cookies for anyone because it never happened.

Bullshit! I am nothing if not totally on the ball!

Last night the Mooseheads took on the Quebec Remparts at the Halifax Metro Centre and were defeated by a score of 4-2. The Moose had the Remparts on a tight leash until the third period when Stefanovich and Paquette were able to put two pucks past Corbeil to bring the score to 4-1. Jessyko Bernard scored for the Moose with less than 5 minutes left in the game but the Moose were unable to rally back to for a win...or less of a loss.

Points of order:
  • 0/5 on the power play.WTF? It felt like the Moose were on a PP all night. Booo on the MF powerplay. The Remparts got one PP opportunity and they were able to take full advantage of it.
  • Brunet was wearing 3. That #3 jersey is the biggest slut. It has been making its rounds through the team. It doesn't even have a no one knows its name. I see lots of (what look to be) little wanna-be hos at the Mooseheads game, but the # 3 jersey takes the cake. Look out Hannay, it appears to be targeting defencemen.
  • I sat there and watched boys dawdle with the puck before shooting it on net. There was a failure with the quick release. Now, normally girls don't like quick release, but there are always exceptions, of which hockey is one. Jessyko displayed quick release skills on his onetimer. It got him a goal. It may also have gotten him more ice time in the last 5 minutes. Will he be stuck back on the 4th line tonight?  
  • I mean, look at this sexy bastard - Why did we break up again?
  • Hannay is so calm and smooth and dreamy and calm and smooth and dreamy and calm. You can call it slow, I will call it calm.  I like how he smiles when he is punching people in the face. You can call it sadistic, I will call it zen. Sadly, he didn't punch anyone on the face last night.  Read this story.
  • Lemieux fought Savoie. Unlike Jessyko's goal it was the unsatisfying kind of quick.
  • Some Quebec pussy refused to fight Metcalfe.
  • Carl Gelinas was the 3rd star with a goal and an assist. Lemieux brought the puck to the net and Gelinas managed to lift it up and over Gagnon amidst a flurry of chaos.
  • Corbeil flashed the leather and flashed the leather and flashed the leather. Props to trapper. Rawr. He is also taking more risks to corral the puck and stop the rebounds. 
  • Desi fanned and fanned and fanned. Poor Desjardins.
  • Knotek won 15 of 23 faceoffs. Pelletier won 6 of 7.
  • I saw Garrett Clarke standing all alone, be-mohawked, be-suited and friendless. I wanted to keep him company (and fix his hair).
  • Dimitruk and I had a moment in the first period when he cleared the puck out of the Moose zone, and despite resistance from the Remparts, managed to get it all the way into their zone. No one else gave me a moment like that moment (well, maybe Gillard with some defensive plays and Jessyko in the third period for coming back and looking like Jessyko and actually being visible out there) and so - cookies to Dimitruk...even though he was on the ice for that Paquette goal. Please share with Jessyko.

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Is this enough? I have work to do and I haven't even had time to exercise in a week. Stupid work.

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RedFridayGirl said...

Sending Winning Vibes to the Boys at there next game!!!