Saturday, November 7, 2009

Champions indeed

I kinda thought that this game might be a disaster. Let me explain. As the camera screened the bench during the national anthem one of the boys had his finger firmly planted up his nose. Was this game going to be just as embarrassing?

As it turns out the Mooseheads won their second game of the season in a bold 6-1 routing of the Val d'Or foreurs. In fact, their first win was also a 6-1 routing of the Val d'Do Foreurs. This is creepy.

Hockey friend the Mooseheads good.

The points didn't start adding up until the end of the second period but once the boys realized that yes, indeed, they can score they really got on a roll. Now that I also know that everyone can score I will not settle for any more of this no-goals (or 1-2 goals) shenanigans they keep trying to pull on me.

The scoring started in the first period when Sawyer Hannay, getting out of the box, received a pass (omg tape to tape) from 'the second coming of' Carl Gelinas. Hannay, head down, tore towards the goal putting the puck on Raffaele D'Orso (and his dreamy Movember mo-stache), scoring and then falling down and knocking over the net. Yeah. WHAT A STUDMUFFIN*!!!

At that point I took the cookies away from Lemieux (I was really liking Lemieux) and gave them to Hannay.

The rest of the period was goalless, as was most of the second. Then at the 15 minute mark Halifax had their 2nd goal. Then their third... and a fourth. Val d'Or snuck one in there too but that one is irrelevant.

In the third the boys just kept on rolling. A goal by Gabe Desjardins proved that blingee shaming does work and that Gabe has mad "fist pump skills". Bahm rounded out the scoring with a power-play marker to make the final score 6-1. I just wanna keep reminding everyone that the score was 6-1.

It would be easier to point out who didn't get points last night but then the boys who did get points would not get their props. Pointy boys include:

Hannay (1st goal)
Amyot (2nd goal)
Knotek (3rd goal, assist on Bahm goal)
Stoddard (4th goal)
Desjardins (5th goal)
Bahm (6th goal, assist on Stoddard goal)
Clarke (assist on Knotek goal)
Abeltshauser (assist on Amyot goal)
Costello (assist on Desjardins goal)
Gelinas (assist on Hannay goal)
Grant (assist on Bahm goal)
Bety (assist on Stoddard goal)
Lemieux (assist on Amyot goal)

Hannay's goal marks his first QMJHL goal, Stoddard's was his first regular season goal as a Moosehead.

Moose also dominated the stars:
HAL - Corbeil-Thériault, Mathieu
HAL - Knotek, Tomas
HAL - Clarke, Garrett

Now admittedly Corbeil was totally boss, stopping a number of breakaway chances, numerous rebounds as the Foreurs were piled around his net, and a weird backwards pass by Abeltshauser that ended up directed towards our own goal. In total Corbeil stopped 32 of 33 shots thrown on net. There may have also been a bold, sexy glove save. It turned out that in the end it was he, the goalie, who got the cookies. Shocking I know...but goalies. You know I have a weakness. I recommend he share since he got cookies for the last game too and we don't need him getting fat (or having a baby, getting married, going bald or letting Sean Coulton steal his profile).

To make life more exciting I shall put up some inneresting** stats:
1) Did you know that Abeltshauser and Gelinas are in the top 25 of QMJHL rookie scorers? They are. Konrad stands at #21 with 10 pts, 2 goals and 8 assists in 15 games. 'Dr Carlossus' is 24th with 9pts, 4 goals and 5 assists in 21 games. Gelinas is also 20th amoung rookies for goals scored.

2) Having scored another 2 goals on the power play last night, thus going 2/6, means that the power play is apparently back on track. The powerplay is currently at 22.6%, 8th in the league, but actually equal to Cape Breton and Shawinigan who occupy the 7th and 6th spots.

3) Linden Bahm has 4 points in his last 4 games. Dreams can come true.

4) Tomas Knotek has reached the 20 point mark. 20 pts in 20 games.

5) Charles Bety had 6 hits and won 12 of 20 faceoffs. Unsung hero stuff that some people like to forget about. Not me though.

6) I kinda like Clarke but will admit that he is kind of a douchebag. Really, what was with the leglock? Anybody who can piss off Charland so much that he would fight in the 'no fight' time at the end of the game must be massively annoying. My Foreurs boyfriend Keven Charland doesn't play like that! Admittedly, that is not a stat.

Lineup: Foreurs at Mooseheads
Moose win: 'Too bad they aren't in our division'
Andrews looking to bust out - Please do (Andrews was one of the few boys without points last night)
Mooseheads Finally win_

* now official status
**on purpose


"Dave Schultz" said...

YAY A WIN!!! :)

that sounds condescending which is not my intention, I'm glad your boys finally got you a win! I know they've been working hard.

Q-girl said...

...and now 2. They are on a roll. I wish you could see them, which you could if my camera was as fancy as yours and the MC cleaned their glass. Alas.