Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Where to start?

Mooseheads vs Gatineau
Nice try Moose. For the "worst" team in the CHL to lose 6-5 to the current "best" team in the Q - well hey, its a pretty big accomplishment - the whole not being slaughtered thing. The Moose were even winning for two of three know, until they weren't.

Veterans showed up - Amyot, Knotek, Bahm, Grant, Cheremetiev and Randell all had points. Bahm got one of those sexy shiners from "defending our honour". Gelinas finally got some cookies. No points for the Moose, but life is somehow still good.

I facebooked that I did "heart, heart, heart Grondin" last night after his fancy glove save (of larceny) and then he made me look foolish by allowing 4 goals in the third period. Now Grondin, I don't mind playing the role of yo' bitch, but don't embarrass me in a public forum.

As I mentioned this morning in an e-mail, I am glad that the veterans have finally started putting points on the board but I have a fear that Cheremetiev will run off to celebrate. I will not see him again for weeks and then suddenly he will show up at the door smelling of cheap booze and cheaper whores. Forgiviness please? Fine, but only because I enjoy a good booty-call and only if he stops wearing v-neck t-shirts. V-neck tees look stupid on boys.

News links:
Casey - Moose drop heartbreaking game in Gatineau, 6-5
Wuest - Mooseheads let big win slip away in third period
Palov - Moose blow lead, bow to Olympiques

The sportsnet hot /not list
Hot team: Lewiston Maineiacs
Cold Team: Val d'Or Foreurs
Hot player: Nicholas Petersen (Sea Dogs)
Cold Player: Olivier Roy (Screagles)

Now lets' talk about Videos:
John Moore has posted a new piece about Gabe O'Connor on his blog. He has also been posting Mooseheads road videos on his blog "Sports and Moore". They are very amusing but some of them are perhaps too revealing.

Things I have learned:
Jessyko Bernard always wears the nicest shoes but I am disturbed and confused by the the Penguins sticker on his laptop.

This is the face Linden Bahm makes when he realizes that if they are filming him it will be put online ...and if it is put online then I will be watching him. He is creeped out. It is also his "I am not comfortable with you hitting on me like this" face:

Joel Grondin knows how to dress himself. He is so adorable that I want to throw sugary goods at his face.

All boys look good in red. Boys should wear more red:

Jessyko Bernard spends half of his time in his underware. This is because, unlike Linden Bahm, he has no problem with my advances. In fact, it would seem as if he is encouraging me. He knew I was going to go 'there'. That's a whole lot of Jessyko! This isn't even his shirtless video debut! Ohhh and he's hairy. Rawr:

Pender Bender:

The Trenton Devils have released their Training Camp Roster. Pender is indeed ON IT!

Alexandre Leduc:

The Olympiques got him. Damn


The Bakersfield Condors is the home of 1o (No really - 10) former QMJHL players. They finally put up team photos (not photoshop jobs of boys in condors jerseys) and as usual Pier-Oliver Pelletier is the stunning face (and eyebrows) of perfection while Logan MacMillan looks like he just rolled out of bed (too sexy). Oh and there is VIDEO.

The whole 4 goalie thing confuses and bewilders me though.

EDIT BONUS - Game photos:

Moose vs Huskies

Moose vs Foreurs

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