Saturday, October 10, 2009

Action Action Satisfaction

Last night the Halifax Mooseheads lost to the Rouyn-Noranda Huskies 4-3 in the shootout. Losing was pretty much the only bad thing about this game.

It was probably the best game I have seen all season (I was also the most drunk I have been all season). The game had hits galore, fights galore, and action galore. It was missing pussy galore but I am sure, as hockey players, the boys get enough of that.

Seeing Gabe O'Connor made me really miss Gabe O'Connor. Even in a Huskies jersey he remains totally studmuffinly. I have yet to apply the term studmuffin to any of our new defencemen...or old defencemen. Is the problem mine or theirs?

For real hockey analysis see the links at the end of the page. Gillard was the boy thrown out to the press wolves, so if you want more Gillard in your life then click the damn links.

So about today's post - well I was drunk last night - so I don't remember many details. I remember feelings. Feelings and goal videos. My overall mood was happiness with a side of friskiness (and we can't blame any Mooseheads for that, it was totally due to my boyfriend's pre-game actions).


Gerrrad Grant had the first goal of the game. I love goals by boys at home because they mean I get as-of-yet-unseen goal videos. I should have recorded Grant's goal video - it is a classic.

Congrats to Gabe Desjardins on his first goal of the season. Now keep it up. I want more (I know I am selfish). Gabe had a "call me" goal video, and I would indeed accept a call from him, but his goal video was not as swanky as Andrew White's "call me" goal video. I am still waiting on that call from Whitey.

Give cookies to: Jessyko Bernard for his non-power play goal. It would have been a game winner had the huskies not tied it up with 30 seconds remaining and their net empty. Jessyko knows that I keep cookies on the top shelf and he is one of the few boys tall enough to reach them. I heard that ding as the puck bounced off the crossbar and into the net. I love that sound.

Bonus points to Bety for assisting on both the Bernard and Desjardins goals. Jessyko please give one cookie each to Grant, Desjardins and Bety. I would suggest you give a cookie to Knotek but everybody already knows he is good - hence all those stars he has been accumulating.

Monster in the Nets:
Thanks for the wink.

Corbeil stopped 36 of 39 shots put on net for a whopping 0.923 sv%. I have requested that Jessyko give Mathieu 45% of his cookies. I decided against giving him cookies because he got one of those golden Macaroni stars which are handed out at the end of the game; he also earned my 'baby Steve Mason award' for hard work and endurance. It includes a digital picture of Baby Steve Mason for motivation...and not much else. I also request that Mathieu share 20 % of his cookies with Baby Steve Mason.

I have lots of boyfriends with the surname MacDonald:
Alex MacDonald was a healthy scratch again. This pisses me off more than you would ever know. Why was Alex considered good enough (mmmm safe and steady) last year and a dud this year after he played a whopping 4 games? Last year everyone wanted him to develop and said he would become a good young defenceman and then suddenly he is not even given the chance to play.

He had better be sitting out because he has a severe case of the secret cooties, because we all know that you don't get better sitting in the press box. Technically speaking he is still a young man - only 18, and so he still has time to 'up' his game. I thought the Moose were going to rotate players more this year - they are not. The same boys sit out game after game.

I know you probably think I am being a fool but we all know that I get extremely defensive over my irrationally chosen boyfriends. If I want to defend him because he was the tall, charming boy who handed me my season tickets then so be it.

I also would like to know why when one boy makes a mistake it is OK with the Mooseheads fans but should another boy make the same mistake then it is like he has shot the fucking queen.

Last year Yuri Cheremetiev was 1/8 in the shootout. Knotek was 2/8, Grant was 1/3, Bety was 1/2, Bernard was 1/2, and Desjardins was 0/1. Piette never had a shootout chance (crazy, I know) and now he does not belong to us.

When the shootout came I knew it was going to be Knotek, Grant and a third. This is very easy to predict. I had mentally (and verbally) suggested Gelinas, then magically I had received Gelinas. Knotek - no goal, Grant - no goal, Gelinas - GOAL... and he was the only one to score in the shootout.

Tied 1/1 and going on the 4th shooter. I then would have recommended Bety (or Bernard or Desjardins) but noooooo the motherfucker (Cam, I presume) put in Cheremetiev and he failed to score. He did the same low shot along the ice that he always does when he is trying to deke the goalie. Dude, if I have you figured out don't you think the people who actually play hockey have also figured you out.

NO MORE CHEREMETIEV IN THE SHOOTOUT PLZ. In his QMJHL career he is 2/10. If we know he can't really succeed then try to give someone else a chance. I am tired of watching the same boys try and then fail. Let someone else fail for a change.

Yuri, please bake a batch of cookies for Gelinas.

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EDIT: oh how could I forget - the new Mac Mascot is absolutely hideous. I would have taken old Mac to bed for a quick cuddle but new Mac looks like a total jerk and I wouldn't even give him the privilege of getting a fake phone number from me at the bar. I would just walk away.


Anonymous said...

LOLLL "It was missing pussy galore but I am sure, as hockey players, the boys get enough of that. " I agree

Q-girl said...

I knew a boy. He traumatized me with stories. I would like to think that he just has an active imagination. I am most likely wrong.