Sunday, October 4, 2009


I am swamped.

Moose lost to the Rouyn-Noranda Huskies by a score of 4-2. Moose goals were by Bety and the one armed man*, Knotek and Lemieux had the assists.

Cookies to the one armed man: he can hit, he can score, and he can use that one good hand to...

I have nothing to say today because I cannot really talk about a game I only half-ass-ed-ly listened to, so I will leave you with news links that I can update when they become available.

Q-files (Wuest) - Moose lose 4-2 to Huskies
Glenn MacDonald - Eagles win in OT, Mooseheads fall to 1-8 after loss to Huskies
Halifax Metro (Wuest) - Weekend split a big boost for struggling Mooseheads

Things to take note of:
  1. I need to stop getting confused and excited (aroused?) when Moore says Yetman
  2. Moore also has to stop getting confused when he says Yetman (it is Brad, not Mark)
  3. Yuri won 7 of 8 faceoffs...but had no shots on net.
  4. Knotek won 16 of 27 faceoffs.
  5. Gabe (the first) only layed one hit. He is friendly to friends.
  6. I was so excited about Hannay getting to play and then he took a roughing penalty that resulted in a R-N goal. It is like he is not even house broken. Bad puppy.
*Gerrad Grant


Bethany said...

Sigh, your boys need to be better.

Q-girl said...

Supposedly they try. Sometimes it looks like they are trying - well, some boys more than others. Hopefully it will come as the season rolls along and the boys begin to gel (that is, if line combos are maintained) and develop.

If all else fails they at least have their looks