Saturday, October 17, 2009

People you should know

The QMJHL has posted a Quick hits interview with Moncton Wildcats goaltender and Canada Under 18 Ivan Hlinka gold medal winner Louis Boileau-Domingue.

I am going to rip the whole thing. Louis is a boy you NEED to know more about.

Are you satisfied with the start to your season?

"I’m very satisfied of my accomplishments so far. My expectations were high from the start, especially following Nicola’s (Riopel) exceptional showing last year. I want to duplicate the success he’s had."

Is it difficult mentally to try to meet such a high level of expectations?

"Nic and I have always been very close; we’re long-time friends. When he was selected in last year’s draft, I was very happy for him and at the same time, it gave me an opportunity to establish myself in the League and with the Wildcats. This summer, my focus was on the World Under-18 Championship and nothing else. After we won the gold medal, it shifted to getting ready for the start of the season."

What baggage of experience did you get from participating in the Tournament?

"It’s a tournament that doesn’t give you too much time to make your mark. I had an opportunity to participate in a goaltenders pre-camp in June, which was held a few weeks prior to the opening of the evaluation camp. I think it gave me a bit of a head start. I arrived at the pre-camp in great shape, ready to play and it showed. Then, I benefited from having a month to prepare before hitting the ice again for the evaluation camp. The team was really good, especially on defence, and after earning a shutout during the Tournament, I got the nod to play in the championship final."

Those opportunities are hard to come by. Do you feel that you’ve grown as a hockey player as a result of grabbing hold of it?

"For sure. Representing your country on the other side of the ocean was very special. I appreciated every moment."

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