Friday, October 16, 2009

The team that Cam Russell Built

Tonight the Mooseheads lost 6-4 to the Chicoutimi Sagueneens. I did not watch the game because I was out being festive with my girlfriends. Yes, that involves massive wine consumption.

Maybe the boys were hot, maybe they were not. I do not know. All I know is that my team is 1-12-0-1. Let me repeat that. Tonight they lost again. They are 1-12-0-1.

I am a fairly patient person. I fall for all that "oh they played hard and maybe they could've won" crap but (and I am drunk here) the simple fact of the matter is that THEY ARE NOT WINNING.



That is a 0.0714 win %. SAD!!!

Next stop. The pitiful Baie Comeau Drakkar. The second worst team in the league with 7 points and a 3-9-1-0 record. Can we defeat them? Odds say - most likely NOT.

Props to the point guys: Randell with 3 assists and a game star, Knotek (2 goals) and Grant (goal and assist) - bonus points for the point streaks that leave glittery rainbows trailing behind Grant and Knotek; Clarke is super special for getting a goal and assist thus surpassing Abeltshauser as the team's most 'pointiest' defenceman... and Amyot had an assist.

Unfortunately, Clarke was a -3 and new cat Paul Dimitruk spent 6 minutes in the box. Halifax gave Chicoutimi a whopping 10 PP opportunities. Shame!

Pre-game tweets said that Grondin would be playing but the QMJHL stat sheet says that it was Corbeil who allowed 5 goals in 26 shots. Whoever it was, statistically speaking, I am angry with you.

Cookies go to the first line of Grant, Randell and Knotek. I hope they can share amongst themselves (clearly they can).

PS . Still drunk. Drunk and belligerent.

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