Sunday, October 18, 2009


Eventually I sobered up. Then I forgave my boys, the Mooseheads, for disappointing me thusfar on the current road trip. Maybe my expectations are too high because clearly the boys can answer trivia questions*... I expected them to be able to win the occasional hockey game. Perhaps I should be happy with the fact that they try so hard.

Keys to the game probably involve staying the hell out of the box and turning up the defense AND the offense in the same game. Crazy, I know, but it is possible to play a good defensive game and a good offensive game at the same time.

Mathieu Corbeil is back in nets for today's game against Baie Comeau and let's hope he picks up where he left off with his good game in Quebec city.

If my drunken ranting has done anything maybe it can shame the boys into a win. Support, cookies and vast amounts of cooing at hard workers does not seem to work. Telling them they are pretty does not work. Maybe revenge can be a powerful motivator. Don't they want to show me up for putting them down in my last post-game post?

Video from Sports and Moore. If you like Patrick Roy I recommend you visit because they have some new Roy interviews posted.

*why did it take so long to answer the Ozzy question?

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