Sunday, October 11, 2009

Hockey Fail

Just know this - the Mooseheads lost to the Moncton Wildcats by a score of 8-1. No lie. The gave the cats 12 power play opportunities and the cats were able to capitalize on 5 of those.

Travis Randell (assisted by Knotek and Grant) scored the lone goal for the Mooseheads while it seems like everyone from Moncton got a point, including the goaltender and the guy that sells popcorn.

The Moose must have had a stern talking to after the first period because they only had 6 shots on net.

It turns out that Sawyer Hannay is my studmuffin. He had 11 penalty minutes, thus probably contributing to a few Moncton goals. I was most impressed with the way our 17 year old defenceman fought with 20 year old Pierre-Marc Lessard and came out of it smiling. Is Hannay cookie worthy? Check the poll on the right.

For now just check out the QMJHL website for stats. I will update News links at a later time, after I get my wine drunk on.

News links:
Wuest - Mooseheads pounded by Kabanov, Wildcats
Wuest - Abeltshauser likely out for a while
Wuest - Abeltshauser's wrist broken (can you say shiiit?)
Casey- Mooseheads routed in Moncton
Do you wanna know who can win games? Mark Yetman. The Brock Badgers are 3-0 so far in the regular season and in three games Yetman has recorded 91 saves on 96 shots for a .948 SV%.

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