Sunday, October 18, 2009

Shame didn't work

As a member of the Mooseheads Borg-like collective of fans I must admit that I am feeling the pain. The Mooseheads promotions people would call me the 7th player. I do have a street hockey stick – I call it the ovipositor (that has dual meaning) - and am beginning to believe that if you put me on the roster I may have some positive effect on the outcome of the game. I can chop at shins, I can fall unpurposefully in front of the opposition (I fall a lot) and if all else fails I can stand at the blue line and flash my tits at the goalie while Randell drives the net.

Tonight the Mooseheads were in Baie Comeau to take on the Drakkar in what has been dubbed the “battle for the basement”. Sounds Epic.

Before the game description begins there are a few things to note:

1) The Moose are going with 7 D today including wee behbeh ginge Jamie Bishop.

Sitting out are defencemen MacDonald, Gillard and Abeltshauser and forwards Brown, Costello, Stoddard and Pelletier.

2) As of last night the Moose have the 5th best PP in the league with 26.3 %, at least according to the “special teams" stat page. The team page says they are at 25.something %. Whatever. The QMJHL tells lies, but both values are still are pretty good.

3) Corbeil is back in nets after a game off in Chicoutimi.

First Period:

The game started out with turnovers by Amyot and Dimitruk. The boys are NOT being careful about turnovers in dangerous places. mmmm turnovers (kinda hungry for sweets)

Gerrad Grant gets a PP goal on the third rebound when the net was practically empty as Dunnett appeared to be diving around trying to stop pucks. It is great that the team is taking advantage of these opportunities… practically empty nets. Sometimes they shoot and miss them (YES, YOU DO).

Shortly thereafter (1.5 minutes to be exact) Charles Bety made a bad pass onto the sick of a Drakkar player who was standing around in the moose zone. Two Drakkar drove to the Mooseheads net. Bourque gets the goal for the Drakkar to tie the game up at 1-1. Disappointing.

Bety made up for it seconds later by stealing the puck on the Drakkar PP and making a run for their net.


Costello reminds me of the thing I think whenever I hear intermission interviews – these rural Maritime kids have some fucked up accents. They make the foreigners sound so refined.

Second period:

The Drakkar got a goal early in the 2nd. Thus breaking my heart. Drakkar up 2-1 on a high shot by Bourque that cleared Corbeil’s glove.

The Moose had a PP which turned into a 5 on 3…then back into a 5 on 4 and then – d’oh - still no goal. This was immediately followed by another PP with no goal. The PP is usually pretty good but the boys are kinda stinking it up today. They had almost 5 minutes of consecutive PP time and failed to score. In total there were 6 PP’s in the second period but no goals. Clarke appears to be the machine behind our power play.

On the 6th PP opportunity of the period the Drakkar almost got a goal but Corbeil made a huge save. Then Clarke got stupid and took a revenge penalty to end the power play

Knotek then took a cross checking penalty for his second penalty of the game. This is very unlike Tomas Knotek…he is like our superman – so seemingly moral (well at least he looks angelic), except probably when it comes to underage drinking. Europeans won’t stand for our stupid rules.


awwwww Guillaume Pelletier gets interviewed. Gui’s keys to winning in the third – score on the PP. Damn straight!

Third period:

Drakkar start on a 5-4 which quickly turns into a 5-3 when Travis Randell, one of the Mooseheads best penalty killers, gets tossed into the box. Then they score on the 5-4. The Drakkar are up 3-1 with 3 goals on 20 shots.

So Metcalfe decides to fight Richer just to add some zing to the game. It didn’t work.

I haven’t heard Bishop’s’ name in a while so I guess the behbeh is not getting so many minutes.

Dimitruk gets a hooking penalty, a double minor, his 2nd (or does that count as 2nd and 3rd) penalty of the game. Dudes – stay the fuck out of the box. To punish me for using curse words Hannay elbows some Drakkar dink. Drakkar on the PP, their 8th of the game.

I sat around like a bum waiting for another PP opportunity and the Moose finally get it with less than 3 minutes left in the game. It quickly turns into a 5-3 when Cheremetiev took a hook from Bourque. Now the Mooseheads get a 5-3 for 1min 40 sec. What will they do?


With seconds left they pulled Corbeil and still nothing happened.

Mooseheads lose 3-1


Moose dominated the faceoffs winning 47 of 80. Only Randell was in the faceoffs loss category.

Big shooters include Knotek, Clarke and Dimitruk

Ummmmmmmm, I got nothing.

Bonus evil thoughts:

Tomas Knotek’s point streak comes to an end. Gerrad Grant’s remains in tact.

What, not enough energy left to hit? Only 11 hits by the Moose. That doesn’t look like the actions of a team that is going to make your life a living hell (unless you are a Mosseheads fan)

I bet the team's PP stats just went wayyyyyy down.

Corbeil stopped 21 of 24 shots by Baie Comeau.

The Drakkar now have 9 points and the Moose are still stuck at 3. The Mooseheads record now stands at 1-13-0-1.

Yes, Mr. Lester Brown, lots of Dutch people have been visiting the blog trying to find out more about you. I would tell them more about you if you would actually get a chance to play

Cookies for Who? I shall consider all arguments for or against, but I am leaning towards Clarke even though I don't like that he took 2 minor penalties.

Dear Moose Brass,

You can sit Andrews out and give him a break now. Just because he was the first round pick does not mean he gets to play every game. Especially when he is 14 games into the season with only 2 assists - having gotten only 1 point in the game against Val d’Or since his first game (and first point) in PEI. When boys get favoritism by being played every game for no good reason then I start to dislike them for being spoiled. Andrews is getting spoiled.

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" 3) Corbeil is back in nets after a game off in Chicoutimi "

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