Saturday, October 3, 2009

All my friends say that, of course, it's gonna get better

MOOSE WIN 6-1. I KNOW. I am so excited.

It is like I don't have to break up with my Moose for being bad in bed... or at hockey. Finally, satisfaction. Now all I have to do is teach them to cook and make sure they clean up after themselves and they might even be marriage material....that is if I were the kinda girl who wanted to get married, which I am not.

No pressure, right? I did not think I was actually applying that much pressure with my sitting there in my seat and my buggy eyes and my creepy staring and occasionally cheering. Boys are so hard to predict. From now on I will let them take the lead in all of our romantic endeavors.

Lets' get the facts out of the way - The Moose were in Val d'Or to take on the Foreurs. This is what the team looked like.

Forward lines:
Grant, Knotek, Randell
Gelinas, Cheremetiev, Bernard
Bety, Desjardins, Lemieux
Costello, Andrews, Bahm

Hannay, MacDonald, Stoddard, Brown and Pelletier played GQMFs tonight.

Scoring summary

1st period:
Gelinas from Bernard and Clarke (PP)
Grant from Randell (PP)
Randell from Abeltshauser and Gelinas

2nd period:
Charland from Sauve (for Val d'Or)

3rd Period:
Randell from Grant and Knotek
Bahm from Andrews
Randell (NO ASSIST)

Stars were
3: Abeltshauser
2: Gelinas
1: Randell

The nitty gritty:

The Moose put 26 shots on net compared to the Foreurs 18. Mathieu Corbeil gets the win in net and hopefully a little bit of confidence, especially since the majority of the Foreurs' shots were listed as dangerous. The Foreurs on the other hand were forced to pull their goalie after allowing 3 goals on the first 11 shots. The Moose had a total of 11 DS in 26. They seemed to be concentrating their efforts on quality not quantity and appeared to be driving the net more. A few of tonight's goals were off of rebounds. This is EXACTLY what we want to see. Our puppies are learning how to fetch.

The Foreurs had the edge in hits, and apparently most of those were directed at Abeltshauser. So he has been tenderized! That just makes him softer for the cuddlin' and possibly tastier should I choose to bbq him, Hansel and Gretel style, after I fatten him up on all the Kipferls I made tonight*. Yes, I actually baked cookies.

Grant is back in form - The one armed man even had a goal and an assist.

Randell was a shot blocking machine. At some point, after he had blocked the bazillionth shot on the PK I had actually said "Oh dear God Travis Randell" out loud, like there was sessy times going on or something...and he hadn't even gotten the hat trick yet.

So, there I was before the game wondering why I had not yet offered Knotek any cookies when I realized that it is because I am waiting for him to do something amazing -like get a hat trick, or even have a three point night. Little did I know that we would actually have a hat trick but it would not be Knotek getting it. I may have to lower my standards to give the Captain his chance... but I would really rather not have to do that. I want to see him do amazing things. All I expect from rookies is that they learn to sit like a good dog. Knotek CAN do so much more.

Anyway, at the end of the first period I had decided that Gelinas would get the cookies. Then Randell stole his thunder. I am sure Gelinas will eventually top my list during some game in the near future if he keeps up his stellar play.

Keven Charland had the only Foreurs goal, which resulted from a turnover by Pascal Amyot. As a result Amyot is sharing the sofa with Metcalfe tonight. This is because I do not enjoy turnovers unless they are from a bakery and also because I am tired of Metcalfe's penalties.

Apologies to Sawyer Hannay for spelling his name wrong a couple of posts ago. I am an awful girlfriend. The error has been corrected.

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*Dear Konrad,
Feeling homesick? I know! It is impossible to get quality marzipan in this town. For a little taste of home just remember that they sell Ritter-sport at just about in every pharmacy in downtown Halifax. For Zentis marzipan you are going to have to make a special trip to Pete's frootique. That is pretty much all we have here. There is also a German bakery called The Gingerbread Haus which is next to the Sobey's on Queen St in Halifax . It is not great but it will suffice should you be desperate for Strudel. The Colby Ale house in Dartmouth also has German food but I have never eaten there so I can not attest to its yummyness.
xxxooo Q-girl

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