Thursday, October 1, 2009

I don't want to talk about it

It it enough to say that the Mooseheads lost again, this time to the Rimouski Oceanic by a score of 4-3 in regulation?


Am I doing my 'no job' well enough by just stating that fact alone?
No! Too bad. If I am in the mood I will blog more later.

Special note to a goalie,
Stay classy Joel Grondin.

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  • Three Mooseheads goals by Randall, Gillard and Gelinas.
  • Joel Grondin had some wonderful saves and he had another assist tonight. Kisses to the goalie.
  • This is Yuri's second game in a row without a single shot on net.
  • Sometimes I wonder why Randell is paired with Knotek...then he goes and gets a goal just to tell me to go fuck myself. I like his spite (with a sprinkling of assist + a cherry on top).
  • Carl Gelinas had 7 shots on net.
  • Talk about a failure to pass. Oh sure, everyone was trying to pass, the puck just never made it from tape to tape.
  • Abeltshauser/Clarke - stop it with the turnovers. I know that Abeltshauser was on the ice for that ill-fated, short-handed goal by Patrice Cormier... but at least two defencemen can be held responsible for that giveaway. Other unknown defenceman on the ice (i am guessing it was Clarke) - please also sit in the corner and think about what you have done.
  • Steve Gillard made me clap. Cookies to Gillard for correcting his own mistake (please don't expect me to remember the details) and for a goal.
  • Matt Stoddard, scoring machine? Can someone please explain why he was (temporarily???) put on the top line? Our goaltender, Grondin, has 2 more points than Stoddard. This does not bode well for the guy who was brought in to provide secondary scoring.
  • Stoddard also had a penalty shot. He lost control of the puck.
  • Actually, our "lines" make no sense at all.
  • Tomas Knotek gets a much deserved star for winning 19 of 27 faceoffs and for his 7 shots on net. Even then there were times when I thought he could have shot instead of passing.
  • Moose 2/8 on the PP.
  • The Moose could not even get control of the puck when Dopud was down, out, AND stickless. These are wasted opportunities. I have seen 'Timbits' take better advantage of an empty net.


Chelle said...

Grondin was awesome last night. As I may have mentioned on FB, I can't understand why the Moose seem to only sign people who can't complete an effing pass!. Gah, me nerves.

Anonymous said...


Q-girl said...

At this rate Grondin had better go buy himself a body condom because it looks like he is gonna get a lot of lovin' in Halifax.

Anonymous said...

haha!!!!! and he looks so good gotta love him

marie887 said...

wonder if hes single tho... loll !!!