Sunday, September 27, 2009

Why won't Cam let Alex MacDonald be great?

Alex has been a healthy scratch for three games in a row now. Has he been put in quarantine because he may have Q-girl cooties from having passed me over my season tickets (*le sigh*)?

...and what of Jessyko? He tries so hard!

... wait, Sawyer Hannay was a healthy scratch too. I am noticing a disturbing trend. Cam Russell hates New Brunswick people.

The curse of the new Brunswick peoples then caused the Mooseheads to lose 4-2 to the Victoriaville Tigres. Oh don't worry, this time it actually was a close one.

The Tigres got the the first goal but then Tomas Knotek replied to tie it up before the end of the first period. Charles Bety got into a fight with Joel Chouinard and he got a couple of really good punches in despite the scary start. He totally held his own. Why do our non-fighters always do better in fights than our fighters? hmmmmm deep thoughts.

During the early minutes of the second period the Tigres got their second goal. Gelinas (from Amyot and Cheremetiev) tied it up before the end of the second. I was distracted at the time because I kept dropping pizza on myself. This is why I DETEST eating in public. It is gross. I was delighted by the goal even though I was not capable of displaying my delight at the time.

Then the boys fought and fought and struggled and struggled. Unfortunately a clearing attempt at the front of the net resulted in a turnover and a Victoriaville goal with just under 8 minutes left in the game. Yet still, the boys did not give up as I feared they would. They fought and struggled up until that final empty-net goal with 6 seconds remaining.

My heart broke.

The Good:
Who do I like? Today I am still on a Travis Randell induced high. He was scraptacular today. Abeltshauser was a dream with the puck, little Gabe was little Gabe, Yuri was slightly more impressive than usual (in regards to toughness, no shots-on-net though) and Brent Andrews got stars (3rd star to be exact).

Then there was starting goaltender Joel Grondin. What a stud. Only 3 goals on 32 shots. Cookies to Grondin for our first 0.9 save % game of the season. He also had an assist on the Knotek goal. I want to snuggle my new goalie boyfriend. Yes, he CAN eat cookies in bed.

The team were pretty tight today. The Tigres had a lot of shots on net, but not a lot of very good shots. I am not sure if that is because the Moose were playing well or if the Tigres were worn out from a 3-in-3 on the road. I prefer to believe that it was more of the former. It seems that the tough, hard-working team which will be "difficult to play against" has finally made an appearance. I hope they can keep this up (the toughness... not the losing).

The Bad:
Garrett Clarke can sleep on the sofa tonight. Clarke was a total bonehead and had two penalties, one of which was a 5 minute major + game misconduct for kneeing. He had to leave the game before the end of the first period.

...and the not-at-all ugly:
I declare Tyler Noseworthy totally dreamy in the 'face' department. That is one fine looking kid! Damn Newfies and their stupid power over me!

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