Sunday, September 27, 2009


Let's get the painful part out of the way - Moose lost 5-2 to the Gatineau Olympiques last night. This is the Moose's 5th loss in a row. We are currently pointless - the worst team in the whole CHL (well, the Lethbridge Hurricanes are 0-4-0-0 and the Brampton Battalion are 0-3-0-0). Exhale! Inhale!

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The game in point form:
1) Well that was boring. Was it the lack of crowd or the boys?

2) The first period should have been re-named 'Mooseheads fall down, go BOOM'.

3) Some people say that they do not see Linden Bahm. I always see Linden Bahm. We are neighbors. For you see, Linden has four homes - all of them in corners. I also live in a corner. Linden frequently drops by and is all like "hey neighbour can I borrow some sugar?" and I am like "I only have raw sugar" and he is like "I will take what ever sugar you are willing to give me"...then we make out.

Also, if you didn't see that breakaway, the speed, and that fancy footwork then you are fucking blind.

4) Gabriel Desjardins gets so excited for goals. I like that enthusiasm. I want to get on the ice with him and jump around like a girl. He assisted on Bety's goal, the Mooseheads first goal of the game. He was more excited than Bety. Give him cookies.

5) Nice try Lemieux. Lemieux was one-on-one with Gatineau 'tender Tait, when Tait had to come out to play the puck. Faceoff. Tait got to the puck first and Lemieux could have made it to the puck with the net empty - had he not fallen down and crashed the net. It is not the falling that charms me (I do that all the time - you should see my wrist - it is FUCKED UP) but the effort and the fact that the Moose had that opportunity. We need these opportunities and we need to take advantage of them. Maybe next time.

6) I was about 3 seconds from calling for Cheremetiev's head. Between the stupid cross checking penalty on the power play and his general lack of production I have been, in my brain, requesting a trade for Alexandre Leduc (Sea Dogs). There have got to be better 20 year old players out there - ones that can play that role - the one Yuri is supposed to play. You know the role- goal scorer. Then Yuri got a goal. This buys him 2 more games until I declare him "not boyfriend potential" again.

7) oh Jessyko. I like you.
If only. Why is this game filled with so many "if onlys"? You got knocked down breaking onto the 'piques zone and somehow you ended up with a hooking penalty.

8) Lower on shots but good on hits. So many lovely lovely hits. Come-on babies continue to rock my world.

9) There were more boys in front of the net. This is a good thing. Keep it up.

10) Gerrad Grant- wearing a playing cast, was back in the game. Peeps are all like "wow he hasn't played in months and yet he could play on the top line and on the PP. Yes he can, anybody can of you put them there...then technically they are doing it. The real question is - should he have been playing on the top line and in the PP? Even he has admitted that his hands are not quite back yet.
“I’ll be in top shape, but my shot won’t be there,” Grant said. “I’m hoping (to produce offence), that’s what I’m planning on doing, but it probably won’t happen right away.”

11) Matty- arrrrrrgggggg. Four goals in 17 shots.

12) I forget. Scratches were Clarke, MacDonald (baby come back), Stoddard and Costello. I hear that Clarke was chattin' up the ladies in the concourse - wear a condom.

13) Completely incomprehensible (and hot) Travis Randell intermission interview posted on my facebook page.

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