Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Just because

The Moose have had a visitor this week - Dutch boy (no not that Dutch boy) Lester Brown. Brown is in town as a free agent try out.

Wuest informs us
that Brown, who makes the USA* his home, is a forward who played for...

"the U.S.-based Eastern Junior Hockey League, recording a goal and three assists along with 90 penalty minutes in 15 games.

Brown also had 15 goals and 22 assists for 37 points along with 60 penalty minutes in 42 games with the Tri-State Selects of the U.S.-based Empire Junior Hockey League in 2007-08"

All the girls care about though is that he is a bundle of cuteness

video from

...and some of us would really like to see that sweet face notch a few more goals.

*oops. my bad, Lester is not from Ontario. He has dual Dutch/American citizenship.

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