Friday, September 4, 2009

Season opening roster

The Moose have established their season opening roster.

Most recently gone are 2009 draft picks 16 year old defenceman and ginger haired poster boy for this year's draft - Jamie Bishop (19th overall), 16 year old forward Matthew Boudreau (49th overall) and 18 year old forward Justin Belanger. Belanger was not drafted but was instead added to the Mooseheads protected list early in his 17 year old season after having gone undrafted for two years.

Bishop and Boudreau are apparently still too baby faced and Belanger will be playing for the Halifax Lions so he will be around should the Moosehads need a booty call.

Veteran defenceman Scott McDonald, whom the Moose received from the Saint John Sea Dogs at the beginning of the 08-09 season, was cut and because he is a 19 year old he will have to be put on waivers.

3rd string goaltender Randy Chisholm was also sent down.

Then the Mooseheads went and picked up 19 year old forward/agitator Chuckie Schembri off waivers. He was immediately added to the roster.

Shrembri is small... like 5'9, 166 lbs small*. He played a few games with the Wildcats but is mostly an affiliate player who played for the Dieppe Commandos of the MJAHL where he had 17 goals and 21 assists in 108 career MJAHL games.

But ...
If the Moose picked up 19 year old Metcalfe for toughness, thus stealing a spot on the blueline which could have been occupied by a developing youngster, why did they also go and pick up 19 year old Schembri for toughness? It also just takes up a roster spot at forward which could have been used to develop a youngster. It is not like either of these guys will fit into our plans as 20 year olds...will they? At the tender age of 19 Schrembi has only 5 QMJHL games under his belt, Metcalfe has 29 in the OHL and 25 in the QMJHL. In those 54 CHL games he had 1 goal and 2 assists.

Seven 19 year olds on a rebuilding team? How desperate... again.

Sometimes I don't get where we/they are going with all of this. Somewhere so low that the Eagles will be able to fly by and poop on us again with 9-2 games? - with Greer on their roster no-less. *shudder*. Let's not forget that they got Greer for free. If they keep him it will be so revengey. Not cool.

So the current roster consists of (newbie's marked with *):
Yuri Cheremetiev (20)
Linden Bahm (20)
Tomas Knotek (19)
Gerrad Grant (19)
Charles Bety (19)
Matthew Stoddard (19)*
Chuckie Schrembi (19)*
Jessyko Bernard (18)
Travis Randell (18)
Guillaume Pelletier (18)
Jordan Costello (18)*
Gabriel Desjardins (17)
Alex Lemieux (17)*
Carl Gelinas (17)*
Brent Andrews (16)*

Alexandre Brunet (20)*
Pascal Amyot (19)
Spencer Metcalfe (19)*
Alex MacDonald (18)
Garrett Clarke (17)*
Steve Gillard (17)*
Konrad Abeltshauser (17)*
Sawyer Hannay (17)*

Mathieu Corbeil (18)
Joel Grondin (17)*

  • We only have one behbeh - Brent Andrews.
  • I changed my mind about Gillard when I saw his tiny picture. OMG face! OMG eyebrows = love. Also, Newfie = love. Therefor i am willing to give him a chance. Do I have a choice?
  • Average age of team = 18.12 years.
  • Mooseheads pre-season stats from the QMJHL.
  • Andrews** leads the pack of new guys with 6pts (2G, 4A) in 4 games.
  • Schrembi is here. This team is going to be a total pussy tease.
  • EDIT - mooseheads Twitter says that either Schrembi or Costello will occupy the last open roster spot on forward.

Wuest (metro):
It's do-or-die time for trio of blue-line hopefuls
Thrashing from Screaming Eagles makes roster decisions 'easier'
Mooseheads pluck Wildcats agitator off waivers

Willy Palov (Chronicle Herald):
Yuri ready for more
Eagles humble Moose
Mooseheads pare roster to 25

*please remember that Bishop, who is 6'0", 167 lbs is just too small for the team. Hmmmmm. Behbehs must have softer bones.
** oops mistake. I had originally said Bishop. I had Bishops on the brain.

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