Friday, September 4, 2009

Blah Blah Blah + goalies

This is my lazy point form list of things you need to know about goalies (+ others):
  • Bobby Nadeau (Val d'Or, Chicoutimi, PEI) has an invite to Vancouver Canucks rookie camp. He can probably outplay Raycroft. Dal is sad and has their voodoo doll out just in case. Bobby says something about it being likely that he will be in university *Dal puts down the voodoo doll*.
  • Charles Lavigne (Moncton, Quebec) is not getting any love from the pro circuit. He is currently scuttling around Remparts land... just because. He says he would like to go pro but university is still an option. If Charlie needs love I will travel.
  • Mark Yetman (and the Brock Badgers) will be back in the Maritimes Sept 18-19 (the dates on the link are wrong - think Friday & Saturday instead) as the Badgers take on the the UNB V-reds in Fredericton. Yetman vs Fullerton - no need to say a word. You can visit Yetman and give him one last lick if you are so inclined... and only if you don't mind driving for 5 hours.
  • Chad Earle is now with the Summerside Western Capitals of the MJAHL. Stay bad Chad.

Now taking Applications*:
When I think of goalies I get all tingly in the shell of my nucleus accumbens. Goalies are my hedonic hot spot. In order to wean off one I need to wean onto another; because quitting cold turkey is just too hard. Look at what I am losing after last season:

Oh don't laugh because I included Yetman in there. He was my Mooseheads goalie after all. Four Candidates for my 2008-2009 # 1 QMJHL boyfriend- Pielmeier, Yetman, Nadeau and Lavigne - all gone. I know you are looking at that picture of Lavigne thinking "wow, I never knew that Lavigne was sooo good looking". You are thinking this because you are a fool. Prior to last season you didn't even notice that he was a good goalie. Grow some DAMN eyes, man.

Mathieu Corbeil is working hard to fulfill my needs and the demands of 'the people' as the Mooseheads #1 goalie for 2009-1210. According to the Mooseheads twitter feed he was one of the fittest guy on the team at this summer's development camp. Now all he needs is a customized bucket and maybe a haircut (PLEASE).

We ladies respond to thigh-high goalie pads the way men respond to thigh-high hooker boots.

What 20's are left for me this year? Ugh Gelli-donuts (never), Raf D'Orso (only if he shaves the chin-strap), Francois Levesque (feels like Chicoutimi's sloppy seconds. PEI - go figure) , Matt Dopud (is little people + may have seen the Gouge naked = trauma). Think dammit, think.

I would rather live in the past. I have had so many goalie 'boyfriends' over the years that I have decided to give a brief review of what some of my more recent exes have been up to since they left the Q.

Stalking Victim #1 - Ryan Mior
Last season, goaltender Mior split the year between the Bossier-Shreveport Mudbugs of the Central Hockey League and the Port Huron Icehawks** of the International Hockey League (as of January 20th). In 15 games with the Mudbugs and 19 games with the Icehawks, Mior recorded GAAs of 2.63 and 1.94 respectively. He also registered an assist in Port Huron.

Mior won the rookie of the week award as well as two goalie of the week awards and subsequently the IHF rookie of the month in Jan 2009 while playing for the IceHawks
He posted a 3-1-0-1 record for the month of January, earning a shutout in his first IHL start. The shutout came on January 24th when he closed the door on 18 shots from Kalamazoo. Mior also earned his second shutout in just three starts on January 30th in Fort Wayne, making a total of 25 saves. He finished the month making 105 saves with a .955 save percentage. The 21-year-old St. John’s, Newfoundland native only allowed five goals against, giving him a 1.23 goals against average for the month.

Mior finished his season with the Icehawks with a .925 sv% and a 1.94 GAA in 15 games. Impressive. At the end of the season Mior remained unprotected by the Hawks and was picked up by Dayton Gems in the IHL expansion draft.

Ryan Mior still totally looks like dirty sex. That is all.

* I wrote this post in July. I am slow
**Kevin Desfosses (Quebec Remparts) had been playing for the Icehawks but by the end of the season he was with the McGill Redmen. Apparently goalies are slutty and they move around a lot. it is just like how Mior quit U.Waterloo and my one-true-love Pier-Olivier Pelletier took his place. I would never call Pier a slut; he is a delight and he smells like candy necklaces.


Anonymous said...

I am not talking to you anymore as you do not fill my needs. Sure you write like a godess and all but in the end you just aren't tough enough.

Oh, BTW, I rooted for Pittsburg all through the play-offs and I think they are the cats meow.

Go to hell you Squirrel lover!

Q-girl said...

Someone asked me to post about how cute Fullerton was. Was it you?

Crushes! Crushes! Why must boys always pick on those they desire - like you do to Fullerton.

Anonymous said...

Your desire leaves something to be desired. The young male you speak of probably has fleas, don't Squirrels eat fleas off one another? Don't know but just because the rodent has a nice bushy coat and seems cute, doesn't make him less of a rodent.

So there!

Q-girl said...

Funny. I think I have fleas. Perfect match.