Monday, August 31, 2009

We have a new boyfriend

His name is Joel Grondin and he is a goalie. Hooray. So young. Yes, I feel shame.
from Palov (Chronicle Herald)

Russell only has Joel Grondin and Randy Chisholm still competing for the backup goalie job, but it’s almost certain Grondin will be given the assignment. He was the team’s ninth-round pick in this year’s draft and has had a solid camp so far.

"I like his work ethic and I think he plays the puck well," Russell said. "He’s got good composure and he seems like he’s very mature for only being 17 years old, both physically and mentally. We like what he brings. We want to get younger and he fits into that plan."

Grondin, 17, said he already feels comfortable with the speed of the major junior game and is "really anxious to make the jump this year," even if it means seeing limited action.

The team has also been cut back to 29 players. Forward Kody Orr and defencemen Matthew English and Sam Caldwell have left to preserve their NCAA eligibility, while goaltender Gatlin Burt and defencemen Ryan Matheson, Trey Lewis and Ryan Nickerson have all been released. Forward Dylan McGuigan and his broken hand have left camp but Dylan remains on the protected list. His broken hand has not.

According to Wuest this leaves 16 forwards, 10 defencemen and 3 goaltenders at camp. 16+ 10 +3 = 29. Wuest then posted an analysis of the remaining players on the roster. I am glad he does my thinking for me. With 60 boys in camp this year I didn't bother trying to keep track of who was who. This is great because it illustrates who has a spot and who are left to fight for the final spots.

There is also a story on the overagers: Bahm, Brunet, and Cheremetiev.
Cheremetiev was the team’s co-leading scorer last season and was expected to earn a spot. Brunet was a solid defender with the Memorial Cup host Rimouski Oceanic last season and will be an important leader for the team. Bahm had the most to prove coming into camp and has been outstanding. “We have a 20-year-old defenceman (Brunet), a 20-year-old scorer (Cheremetiev), and a 20-year-old hard-working, character player (Bahm),” Russell said. “They all bring three very different but three very important traits to the table.”
Pffff. Of course Bahm was outstanding. I saw the guy in one pre-season intrasquad scrimmage and fell into 'the love'... and this was AFTER I had prejudged him to have funny hair and look terribly stupid in that ugly Shawinigan jersey. No forward has ever earned second string boyfriend status so quickly.

Boyfriends on other teams:

Did former Mooseheads defenceman Richard Greer earn a spot with the Eagles? I suddenly don't have such a fear of them anymore. Greer will likely be with the Eagles untill concussion boy Saab (brilliant name, I know) is able to play again.

I declare Nick MacNeil my Eagles boyfriend on forward and if I catch Ward looking at my boobies one more time he can be my defenceman boyfriend. It was SUPPOSED to be Sam Finn but then he and Ward swapped teams last X-mas. Finn will have to settle for being my Lewiston boyfriend whom I never get to see. It's OK, I am sure Finn is not sad about this. I mean look at him - he probably has an imaginary girlfriend in every town. I like Sam Finn so much that I have this creepy feeling that the Penguins will draft him. They do such things just to fuck with me - they don't need the defence.

Victoriaville Tigres boyfriend and my unrequited love Tyler Noseworthy made the team by a hair. Whew, I was getting very scared.

Speaking of boyfriends on other teams - I just came across last year's Moncton Wildcats team photo. mmmmm. Oh my exes!!! They wanted to get so far away from me that Tomy moved to France and Zach joined the Penguins organization. Ugh!

You know how boys like to watch girl on girl action? Well... with Joly standing so close to Sill my mind can't help but wander. Other than that all I notice from the team photo is that LBD remains totally adorable. Give him a lollipop.

I don't have a Titan boyfriend this season. The Titan stink. Here they are doing a fashion show. Let's all laugh at the Titan.

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