Friday, September 4, 2009

Kisses to Abeltshauser...

...right on the jaw, or the pink cheeks or on the teeth in the mouth. Our little big defenceman may have a broken face. According to Wuest, teeny-tiny agitator Shrembi was about to put a hit on some bitch Eagle when he accidentally hit Abeltshauser in the 'head region' with his helmet. Abeltshauser has a concussion fo sho and may be all messed up in his kissing zone.

Abeltshauser was leading our rookie defencemen in the preseason with 2 points in 3 games. Boo on our unfortunate luck and Boo on Shrembi's short-ass self.

The Mooseheads lost 5-3. The Eagles KILLED - getting 4 out of 5 goals on the power play. Please remember that is CB WITHOUT their top 7 players. Oi. The Mooseheads power play was far less impressive - 1/6 with a goal by Cheremetiev, assisted by Bernard and Andrews.

The other two Moose goals were by Randell, and Stoddard.

It seemed good to start. I was all full of hope when the Moose were defeating the Eagles 3-0 only 11 minutes into the first. It was all downhill from there.

Mathieu Corbeil was in nets for the Moose and allowed 5 goals in 28 shots (this may not be correct - Q stats coming from the forum are shifty). Wuest's twitter reports it as 5 goals on 30 shots. It is OK. I am getting really used to seeing 5 goals against. Can anybody say lowered expectations?

Read Wuest's full report here. It is informative.

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