Saturday, September 5, 2009

A few notes

1) Another review of last night's game vs the Screaming Eagles is available - this time it is by Willy Palov

2) I am going to start calling the Screaming Eagles the Screagles. It just sounds ugly - for example Joey Haddad. Joey Haddad was such a Screagle. Oh yeah, that totally works!

3) So you think the Mooseheads power play sucked; tonight the PEI Rocket played the Moncton Wildcats and went 0/10 on the power play. They play better with a little Champagne in them.

4) Jenn Casey over at National Passtime got a snazzy new Mooseheads related gig. Expect another source of Moose news in the very near future.

5) I said my night was going to be hockey-free so I put on Zach and Miri make a porno. It opens up to a scene with Miri wearing a Penguins jersey. Fuck that shit. It was all downhill from there. I can't escape. Hence the blogging.

The new pads are very sexy but will SOMEONE PLEASE PAINT MATHIEU's BUCKET ALREADY!

7) Jeremy Roenick has recently informed me that hockey players might not be the smartest people* on Earth. Sean Avery told me this once too but I chose to ignore him. Their fascination with Nickelback also leaves something to be desired. They need a lesson in taste while they are still young. So without further ado...

Musical interlude provided by Portishead:

Mathieu Corbeil image by Ryan Taplin from the Metro

*Does not include Zdeno Chara - Genius

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Jenn Casey said...

hahahhaha i died laughing at the zach and miri penguins jersey :P too funny.