Thursday, August 27, 2009

So informed/ so winning/ so-long Benny Boy

Things need to change. New defence, new jersey, new goalie coach... new blog layout and format(?). Yeah, I'll get on that eventually. So if the blog vanishes for a short period of time over the next couple of days it just means that I am reformatting it.

I will have to get rid of the banner since that jersey is right out. I will have to get rid of Benny and Alexis in the side panel because those boys are also right out.

When games start I will bring back the cookies, which is essential because Mathieu loves cookies and I do whatever goalies tell me (telepathically) to do. No really, I do whatever goalies tell me. It is sad. I am also considering keeping track of cookie-worthy players on a game by game basis in the side bar - until I have 68+ cookie receptacles listed.

I really will get on that you tube page so that I can post the most embarassing intermission interviews online. Like this one:

Let's get to business:
For those who are not in the know- Ben MacAskill has been released from the Mooseheads and will not be occupying one of the limited 20 year old roster spots. Nineteen year old goaltender Justin Collier of the Yarmouth Mariners has also been released.

Meanwhile Forward Maxime Belanger and defenceman Jonathan Clarke have broken up with us. Clarke didn't want to be the "other" Clarke on the blueline. It is bad enough that we had a McDonald and a MacDonald, but to have two Bernards and two Clarkes would not help ease the confusion.

But Collier, Belanger and Clarke are irrelevant. Benny is the boy of interest here. I am sad to see him go.

When my girlfriend A.N. needed a Mooseheads boyfriend I assigned Ben to her. Given her string of shitty relationships she needed someone nice. She totally fell (except she still has a real boyfriend - ugh). She once said "MacAskill is the cheese on my Mac and Cheese". Maybe she should have said "Ben is the Mac in my Mac and cheese", it is slightly more punny that way.

She also once said "Ben, Oh how my heart flutters for thee... I wasn't sure our relationship was going to work, with so little to offset your unfortunately obvious misaligned chin. Although your eyes tell me you are a pure and innocent angel, I also secretly hope you are terribly naughty in bed. But for now I suppose I'll have to settle for slick on the ice.... sigh :D
(Also, I don't like reading, but it's totally hot that you do.)"*

The boys say Ben is nice. To top it off he is smart and if he ever needs lab experience in Neuroscience/ Psychology at Dal I can totally hook him up.

I was a firm believer in Ben and instead of dwelling on the negatives I always like to point out when Ben got things right in a game. His smart moves were not uncommon. Once, during a game of pick-up hockey he even got a goal off a pass from my boyfriend (shhhhh, that's kinda a secret).

I wish Ben the best of luck in his future hockey endeavors and future science endeavors and I am serious about that lab position in Neuroscience. My boss keeps filling the lab with pretty girls. It is about time he gave back and got us a boy. We are all tired of hanging out with 60 year old men.

PEI still suck:

This is why the Moose were able to defeat them 6-4 in the preseason game at the forum. I confess I was not in attendance. My parentals were visiting and I was forbidden from getting my skank on with one of those long, hard, wooden (oh my) benches at the Forum. For more information on the game see Matthew Wuest's write up for the Metro or Willy Palov's write up for the Herald.

* she is going to kill me
for that

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