Saturday, August 29, 2009

Heads will roll

The Moose have released 20 year old smashing machine Eric Louis-XVI. Eric spent the past three years with the Moose pretty much building himself a little nest on the 4th line. He defended it ferociously.

I am not a fan of stars. I like goalies, defencemen and bizarre looking 3rd and 4th liners.

Eric was a wonderful 'free range' specimen. He looks so good in people cloths. Such nice arms, such perfectly smooth skin, such mesmerizing 'village of the damned' eyes.

...and you just know he would beat up a jerk in the club for you to defend your honour.

Eric is a hitter. I sit near the glass just so that I can feel the good vibrations. He only threw one hit in last night's game against Moncton. The Moose lost. Perhaps he should have thrown a few more. Hits are his job and now some youngin' has usurped him. I don't know why the CHL hates 20 year olds. Boys are hottest at 20 and I feel much less pervey if I develop a crush on a 20 year old. There are just fewer to choose from. The CHL promotes sick sick behaviour by limiting my access to 20 year olds.

So long Louis-XVI. If I am lucky I will see you free-range again and get in that one last wistful look *sigh*.

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