Thursday, October 23, 2008

Was that F'n awesome or was I just drunk?

The Halifax Mooseheads defeated the Baie Comeau Drakkar by a score of 6 to 4.

Like sex, sometimes the messier it gets the funner it is...and this was a messy, messy game. Linden Bahm had a Gordie Howe Hat Trick with a messy/loverly wrap around sharp-angle goal, Logan MacMillan had two break-away goals, Knotek and Cheremetiev started getting their offence on, MacAskill gets a golden macaroni star for four (mutherfuckin' four) assists, Pender also got a goal and put a beat down on a Drakkar player with sassy consequences, and Gabriel O'Connor was this close (||) to getting his fight-on when stupid refs pried him away from all of the fun.

Drakkar goaltender Marco Cousineau was pulled in the second after allowing 5 goals on only 15 shots and was replaced by former Cape Breton Screaming Eagles 'tender Marek Benda. Benda allowed MacMillan's breakaway goal with the first shot on the Drakkar net, but was pretty solid after that, stopping the next 11 shots.

While the game was awesome and had a lot of energy, it was not ideal. There were so many turnovers and the Drakkar had a number of breakaway chances, coming one on one with Mark Yetman, and getting 3 goals in the process, including one shorthanded goal. On the third goal Bona just let a Drakkar player pick the puck right off of his stick in the slot and put it on Yetman point blank. The puck slipped in five hole. These moments seem to happen in sloooowww motion.

Even still, Yetman had a number of big saves, some of which were absolutely beautiful - yep catching the puck after a mis-play while lying on your back with one leg in the air is a beautiful thing. A very beautiful thing.

So to recap:
Ben MacAskill: 4 assists
Logan Macmillan: 2 goals, 1 assist
Tomas Knotek: 1 goal, 2 assists
Linden Bahm: 1 goal, 1 assist, 1 bow chick-a wow wow
Yuri Cheremetiev: 1 goal, 1 assist
Justin Pender: 1 goal, 1 scrap attack
Charles Bety: also scrap-tastic
Richard Greer: who? (I know he finally played some games on the road last weekend...but will I ever get to see him?)
Mark Yetman: a 0.84 save % on 25 shots, including a bazillion brake away shots on net and one panty-creaming glove save.

The three stars* were:
  1. HAL - Bahm, Linden
  2. HAL - MacMillan, Logan
  3. HAL - Pender, Justin
  4. *HAL- MacAskill, Ben*
I want to bathe myself in Linden Bahm.

You can check out Matthew Wuest for a story on Jessyko Bernard, a game recap and the team lineup for tonight's game. Rik has his game photos up already, but no good fight video.

I was a naughty girl today. Don't send me to hockey with my girlfriends. Giggling will transpire. I think I permanently traumatized the man who sat beside me. Oh, and speaking about sending me to hockey with my girlfriends...TOMORROW FULLERTON...YOU ARE MINE. I was skating at the Dal arena today and I thought about pinning a note near the goaltender's seat on the bench, a note that said on the outside "For Fullerton", and on the inside "rawr"...that is all. It seemed a touch creepy, so I refrained. I am, however, so going to be there with my girls. We shall be silly and I shall be drunk and lusty. It can't get much easier than that.


wrap around curl said...

The note=not creepy.

Q-girl said...

He was sitting exactly where I thought he would be sitting, since he was not playing. He sat and yawned a lot and occasionally stood up and tugged his jersey in the way he always does to give me a little peek at what lies underneath.

It is OK. When he just sits there yawning and tugging at his jersey he is still very beautiful.

I should have left a note. I will be licking that seat when I go skating on Tuesday.

Moosehabs said...

Why can't I ever sit next to drunk and lusty girls when I go to Moose games... usually I'm next to either a row of screaming 10-year-olds all wearing the same minor hockey jersey, THE guy who yells those one-liners at the ref and opposing players so everyone in the section can hear him, or the idiot who knows shit about hockey and tells a long rambling story to whomever they're with and doesn't pay attention to the game, only to ask stupid questions later on.

Q-girl said...

Sitting next to large clusters of kids sucks. If I get stuck next to them I move. They spend more time making noise and taking their shirts off than they do actually watching the game. Their thunder sticks block my view. I hate children because they also impede my ability to curse and as Wrap Around Curl would say- hockey and cursing are friendlets.

Sitting next to people who don't shut up all game also sucks. My current neighbours 'Fatty' and 'peg legs' are really annoying, as are season ticket holders who get upset when the goalie leaves the crease to play the puck.

All I ever hear about girls at hockey games is puckbunny this, slutbucket that. It is really quite sad... especially since I know more about the stats and the players than most of the men sitting around me, and I am much more rational about reffing and plays.

Some jerks would call me a puckbunny for finding a player attractive, but I find lots of guys attractive, including sushi waiter David, second cup coffee guy, a guy I saw in the lineup at Sobeys, every guy I saw in the liquor store today, and the kid who lives on my street.

If any of those men who bitch and moan, calling every girl they see at a hockey game a puckbunny, were to find themselves watching a girl's volleyball game I can assure you they would find at least one of those players attractive. Shit happens.

They are now talking about 'hard rimming it' on hockey night in Canada. Everything about hockey is dirty so it is better to just go with the flow. I say very bad things...I usually offend most of the people around me.