Saturday, August 29, 2009

2nd preseason win

We need a hair cut or a head cut. There are 37 boys remaining on the roster. After tonight's game we should be able to get that down to at least 30. Sorry boyos but we have almost two teams worth of players here. While I think that 37 cuddly boys could keep me very warm in bed I also think that it could be so crowded that I would never get to sleep. Also, I would probably get stabbed by too many inappropriate teenage boners (awkward).

Moose vs Moncton:
Get your news and game lineups from Matthew Wuest at the Q-files or from his twitter feed. Live twitter feeds are excellent when you are too chicken to brave the rain to go to a hockey game alone. Did I mention rain. Alone. Yeah. I need hockey friends.

I think I may have already made my boyfriend jealous of Joel Grondin and Gatlin Burt. So cheek pinchingly embryonic. If I keep this up he may never accompany me to hockey again.

Burt and Grondin

The Moose defeated Moncton in the shootout with final score of 4-3. Moosehead goals were by Cheremetiev (x2) and Gelinas with the winning shootout goal going to Matthew Boudreau. Yuri Cheremetiev, Bahm, Lemieux, Nickerson and Knotek all had assists. Knotek, who wore the C tonight, also had a goal in the shootout.

The Moose power play appears to be coming along shittily: 0/9 on the PP tonight following last night's 1/9 performance. Not to dis completely - shots were up but faceoffs are still looking sketchy and the boys are not hitting. The faceoffs are only up because we had veteran centremen Cheremetiev and Knotek in there. I am afraid that the behbehs are not fairing so well at the dot.

During Friday night's game Brent Andrews lost 14 of 20 faceoffs and Guillaume Pelletier lost 12 of 15. Andrews had less face offs tonight but made up for last nights abysmal performance (only in the circle....he was all balls at the net) by at least winning both that he took.

Fighting guy Metcalf actually had 2 fights. With his complete lack of fighting thusfar, I was beginning to believe that I would bring more toughness to the rink. I sometimes dress like I'm in the Russian military - so I at least look tough...and stylish.

Someday Moncton's Louis Boileau-Domingue will destroy us all - 0 goals on 17 shots *le sigh*. The shootout loss goes to Wendell Vye. Corbeil and Grondin split time in the Moose net with Corbeil getting the win in the shootout after allowing only one goal (Allain Saulnier) in three attempts.

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