Wednesday, July 29, 2009

So much to say

The metro has two stories: one about Gabriel Desjardins and his invite to the under 18 camp, the other on Yuri Cheremetiev and his Russian camp fun.

Both boys have been training hard. At best I do stretches in my living room on some evenings. I consider taking off my clothes a form of exercise*. Apparently little Gabe commits "four and a half hours a day to a wide-ranging routine, working out in Montreal with Mooseheads goalie Mathieu Corbeil. “I got gym, I got ice, I got yoga, I got Thai boxing, I’m doing all that stuff,” Desjardins said. “You know, everything to be focused and ready mentally and physically.

uggg Yoga! Sorry I can't do it. I like my stretching but I hate the idea of paying someone to tell me to stretch...and it is boring as hell. I need to watch tv while doing that stuff. I have no Qi and I can't relax. Fuck Qi! I am an intensely neurotic mutherfucker. I wish I could do yoga, but it makes me want to punch faces. Furthermore, I don't even own any lululemon therefor I simply am forbidden from partaking in the act of Yoga.

Gabe goes on to say: “When I received the call three months ago, Oh, I think I was going to cry,” he admitted. “But you know, it’s a big thing for me to represent Canada. It would be amazing.”

What he really meant was " then I thought for extra training I should do Yoga but I knew that it would be so painfully boring that I would start to cry" ...that is until he remembered that the classes are filled with hot, limber chicks in overpriced spandex.

The Dalhousie Tigers hockey team have nabbed former Screaming Eagle/Sea Dog/Foreur and all around small man Francois Gauthier. Don't get me wrong...I like Frank and I am so happy that Dal is finally adding legitimate players to their roster. I was quite upset when he was traded to the Foreurs and then the Sea Dogs flopped around looking for a more useful 20 year old player. Frank shall be playing on the Tigers with his inevitable replacement, Shea Kewin.

Earlier this summer I was sharing beer on a hot sunny day with a friend who has since moved to Vancouver for medical school. I had mentioned that Dal was actually recruiting legitimate hockey players. She asked "why would they do that, don't they suck?" EXACTLY - Dal sucked so bad that even someone who know nothing about hockey knows that they suck. That is when they should know it is time to pick it up.

* this clearly contradicts with my previous blog post in which I mention 10k runs

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