Sunday, August 2, 2009

I visited a Penguins blog...may now have vd.

Visit Faceoff Factor for an exclusive interview with Cape Breton Screaming Eagles alum Joey Haddad and notes on development camp. The Penguins fans are now all drippy in their panties because they caught sight of Zach Sill. He has a tendency to do that- even to guys. This is what they have to say about Sill's time at development camp:

Passing and Breakout Drill:

"Eric Says: Another grinding forward that opened my eyes was Zack Sill. He was solid throughout the entire day, and started off with two quick goals on goaltender Patrick Killeen.
Zach Says: I also was surprised at the undrafted Zack Sill from Moncton and how easily he ripped apart Killeen and Thiessen. He was quick, made good passes and was at top speed the entire drill."

Third Drill, vs Defenceman:
"Zach Says: Zack Sill once again dominated this drill. First he took the puck behind the net, reversed direction, reversed again Crosby-style and Grant fell to the ice trying to keep up with him. Then he ran over Strait on his way to the net… just bull rushed him to the ice."

"Zach Says: Zack Sill was just as noticeable in the scrimmage because he was throwing the body, cycling the puck, backchecking and defensive awareness, and was just generally always around the puck. His line of Moon, Petersen, and Sill was often times holding the puck in the opposing zone for entire shifts at a time, similar to what we saw with the Cooke, Staal, and Kennedy line last season."

Forward of the day:
"Eric Says: I know Zach is going to say Caputi, so I’ll go with Zack Sill. He excelled in all facets of the game today."

There was no mention of Sill's fondness for kicky hats or lacrosse.

Gosh, it is like this blog post practically wrote itself. Ahhhhh plagarism!

They also really liked Despres and Veilleux. Despres was voted by both as the defencemen of the day. *sigh* It kinda feels like that ABBA song "the winner takes it all". Actually everything feels like an ABBA song lately, probably because I was forced to watch "Mama Mia". As a lady-person who is totally not into Rom-coms or musicals I gotta say - that movie BLEW, and not in the fun sexual way.

Next up on take on the 10 goalies invited to camp, the Montrealification of Richard Greer and Halifax's new bizzare attraction to Sea Dogs rejects. That's like 10 well padded robots I want to nuzzle and one guy who has seen Travis Fullerton in a state of undress. Why does it feel like the Mooseheads are turning into the reject 2007-2008 Sea Dogs?


Anonymous said...

Excuse me while I puke. That last paragraph was uncalled for.

Q-girl said...

It gives them special powers. The 'naked Fullerton effect' is also why we picked up Scott McDonald and Pascal Amyot. By the magically fantastic way he plays I suspect that Pascal has had more encounters with 'naked Fullerton'.