Friday, June 5, 2009

Pre-draft Brouhaha

There is sooo much news before the draft that I simply can't cover it all. This is why reporters get paid to report, while I am a lowly scientist getting barely paid to poke insect brains. That being said, I am posting a bunch of links for those who think it is relevant. I also suggest you pay attention to the frequently updated Q-files RSS feed bar on the right hand side of the page.

Matthew Wuest is going all out, having included Twitter amongst his weapons of choice for this year's draft. It is going crazy over there on his twitter. You should hit it!

For those of you not in the know, the QMJHL does an NHL style draft with tables and GMs running around like crazy. Local cable TV crews are there, interviews are held, a prospects game takes place, young girls in dresses guide drafted boys down an aisle to the stage where they are handed their team Jersey and hat. It is all tres adorable. The boys get to be little be-pimpled stars for a day.

If you are lucky there will be at least one French boy wearing white shoes - preferably a goalie. Then they take the inevitable 1,2,3 photo and it gets plastered all over the internets *sigh*.

As it now stands the Moose have confirmed their one deal - Alexis Piette and a seventh to Lewiston for Garrett Clarke. Oh my eyebrows!

Coach/GM Cam Russell says that no one is untouchable but with the way he has been swooning over Gabriel Desjardins I have a feeling that Desjardins is pretty much untouchable.

Apparently the Moose may be on the hunt for a goalie (bonus boyfriend) for me, someone with a little experience who can push Matty to be the best little goalie that he can be. Maybe they should also look for someone to cut his hair. I would not be terribly disappointed if we didn't pick up a used Q goalie but decided instead to just go with Dumaresque. I am crossing my toes that we do not trade Duma's rights.

If anything exciting and Moosie or goalie related happens I will remember to squee in your general direction.

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