Saturday, June 6, 2009

Draft day round One: Fuck my team!

Halifax traded Gabe O’Connor to Rouyn Noranda to get a pick a meager 4 spaces higher in the draft, so they get both a 19th and 15th pick. So much for our strong Gabe based blueline. Here we are bragging about the strength of our blueline with Gabe being our #1 guy and then we trade him. I am pouting. I am glad he got that goal with us, his very first goal in his very last game as a Moosehead. Gabe, you shall be sorely missed. kisses.

1. Val d’Or - Olivier Archambault

2. Shawinigan - Yannick Veilleux

3. Lewiston - Francis Beauviller

4. Val d’Or - Jean-Francois Leblanc

5. Moncton - Raphael Bussieres

6. Chicoutimi - Rock Regimbald

7. PEI - Jimmy Oligny

8. Shawinigan - Jonathan Racine

9. Victoriaville - Phillip Danault

10. Saint John - Pierre Durepos

11. Lewiston - Jean-Francois Plante

12. Gatineau - Benjamin Laliberte

13. Chicoutimi - Gabriel Vermette

14. Montreal - Xavier Ouellet

15. Halifax - Brent Andrews (a forward) an NCAA blowhard* (I only say that because I think the NCAA threats are bullshit…maybe its his parents or agent who is the actual blowhard). What a fucking crock of shit this is then. Why trade up to pick a guy that no one was going to pick because they thought he was going NCAA ? According to Wuest we don't even have a firm commitment from the kid. Couldn’t the Moose have gotten him with the 19th pick? Why pick a forward and trade away your top defenceman when the aim this year was to build from the net out?

Remember this picture heading from the Metro: Moosehead general manager Cam Russell cites Gabriel O’Connor as the type of player he wants to acquire.” Little Andrews dude better have some totally fantastic fucking eyebrows or I quit!

Worse yet is the fact that Gabe went to the draft to rep the team and the fuckers traded him. Apparently he was stunned. Like no Duh!!!! I guess we wanted an O’Connor but not THE O’Connor. Uhhhh wasn’t he supposed to be captain? Oh FUCK MY TEAM.

OK. I am a little upset, and by a little I mean…a lot upset. Why must girls always let emotion get in the way of the logical human-boy slave trade that is CHL hockey?

16. Moncton - Dillon Donelly

17. Chicoutimi - Robin Gusse

18. Saint John - Jonathan Huberdeau

*edit -admittedly the term blowhard is unnecessarily harsh. I am just excessively emotional right now and sometimes I take it out on the wrong people. It happens when you juggle lots of men. Sometimes one boy gets to feel the wrath of my anger that should be directed towards another boy. Don't worry kid. My calling you a blowhard hurts a lot less than being suddenly, shockingly and unwillingly uprooted from your home of 3 years and having to move away from your friends and girlfriend(s) at a moments notice. Don't blame me... blame the CHL for that one. If you come here and you are 'all balls' I might change my mind. It does happen - just ask Jessyko Bernard.

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"Dave Schultz" said...


Though I had to admit, my first fear is that it was Gabe Desjardins so this is less traumatic (to me) than I thought. But I so totally feel your pain.

Fuck junior hockey!