Thursday, June 4, 2009

ohhhh snap PEI

From Willy Palov in the Chronicle Herald, in regards to the upcoming draft:

The Mooseheads’ highest picks are two second-rounders and two fourths. Russell said “we have to make those count because we have some holes in our roster."

He expects to target kids who can play right away versus players who need a year or two of seasoning before hitting their stride. Russell also said he is placing a new premium on character.

“We’re definitely looking for a certain type of player this year," Russell said.

“We want kids that work hard and are honest. We’re not looking to bring any kids here based on promises or anything like that. We want to build a certain kind of identity for our team. We want kids who are proud to wear
our jersey and don’t have to be persuaded to come here. They should see it as a privilege to play in Halifax."
Yeah, hardworking players are fun and all, that is why I get crushes on them. I like their intensity and their frequent bouts of 'crazy eye'. Last year I suggested that we draft the kinda boys who really like to say "wooooooooo" because those boys will win just for the chance to shout "wooooooo".

Drafts are exciting but what is even more exciting is SNAPS. While it is supposedly a bad year for locals at the draft, one local is standing out to me, and it is NOT because he is the highest ranked Nova Scotian.

Cole Hawes is Nova Scotia's best Q prospect this season. He is the brother of former PEI Rocket/R-N Huskie, and current other kind of Huskie (SMU), Tyler Hawes. Hawes apparently likes Huskies the way that Maxime Tanguay likes Tigers.

Anyway, in an interview with local reporters Baby Hawes talks about learning from his brother's experience in the Q:

Another reason Hawes isn’t intimidated by the prospect of playing far from home is because his older brother Tyler has already done it. Tyler left home when he was 15 to play for the Subways before spending his entire five-year QMJHL career out of province. He spent three-and-a-half seasons with the P.E.I. Rocket before playing his final one-and-a-half major junior seasons in Rouyn-Noranda, Que., with the Huskies.

"I take his word for it that it’s a good experience. I definitely trust what my brother says," Cole said.

"He’s been telling me what the good teams are and some things about what it was like when he played. He liked playing for Rouyn and said it was a good experience to go up there."

Ohhhhh Snap PEI!!! I distinctly notice that big brother Hawes liked Rouyn-Noranda but there is no mention of PEI. He preferred a small french town in the middle of butt-fuck nowhere (A on the map) to PEI...which is also soooo in the middle of butt-fuck nowhere if that it was cast off into the sea (ok, I admit that doesn't make sense).

Anyway. The point of the story is - PEI really sucks.*

*No, really! Read this link - it really points out PEI's suckitude and then you learn all sorts of things about other that Rimouski have only 1 pick in the first 8 rounds of the draft. That is F'n crazy.

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