Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ball hockey bonanza

I think I have started 3 different posts which I have never finished. I am currently stuck in a rut - a NJ Devils induced rut. Some NFLD goalies think that they are the only goalies who are capable of making me scream and/or throw things and get all pissed off but that is simply not the truth. Marty Brodeur now has that job covered.

But this is not about Brodeur, or my hopes and dreams, or even my broken heart - it is about ball hockey.

The Mooseheads did a little ball hockey thing on the commons yesterday to support and promote the "Play On" ball hockey tournament. The Moose will also be participating in the official Play on Ball hockey tournament which takes place on June 20 and 21 in Halifax.

The Halifax Mooseheads are thrilled to be participating in Play On! once again this year. The Moose are supportive of this grass roots hockey program and the players are excited about taking it back to the streets. This fun-filled tournament allows not only the players but everyone a chance to play the game they love right on the streets of our community…Wildcats beware, This is Moose Country!” warns Shannon Slaughter, Manager of Community and Fan Development Halifax Mooseheads.

“We all grew up playing street hockey. We are looking forward to chasing the moose up the street so to speak and we are looking forward to hosting Play On in conjunction with QMJHL draft” said Bill Schurman, GM of the Moncton Wildcats.

For more information you can check out the Mooseheads homepage.

That is not all however. Over in Moncton some former Q players are working on establishing their own summer ball hockey league. To find out how you can join the league or for more information see here.

Last year UNB goaltender Travis Fullerton (mmmmmmmmmmm) as well as the Mooseheads own Jessyko Bernard and Alex MacDonald participated. I have one thing to say about that:

Dear Saint Bernard,
If you could please fetch me a Fullerton and drag him back to Halifax (I don't even care if you get drool on him) for me at the beginning of next season - well, that would be superb. This would not only ensure your position as my favoritest Moose next year but there could also be a steak and a long walk on the boardwalk in it for you. Best trick ever!!!


Anonymous said...

To name dear sweet Marty and that Squirrel TF in the same blog post is wrong...Devil Woman.

You need to get yourself a goalie boyfriend. Not a soft sweet little Squirrel who plays with his nuts all day but a down and dirty puck stopper. Come on!

Q-girl said...

I AM a devil woman. Red hair, new red shoes, love of the NJ Devils. It has all become so clear.

I thought I had a goalie to love, or at least touch, but that didn't work out. I am sticking with Fullerton for now. I just figured out that weird familiarity that I get from him. It's Ryan Gosling.