Monday, May 4, 2009

Some boys make you cry over and over and over again

I admit it. I was reading the message boards. It did not inspire me to punch my screen... but I was indeed reading the message boards. They say that Mooseheads forward Jan Stransky will not be returning next season, opting instead to stay with his hometown team Plzen in the Czech Extraliga. This is after Matthew Wuest reported that Stransky would be staying in Halifax so that Tomas Knotek could have someone to hold hands with.

Stransky is always breaking hearts. We have been here before. It is what he and his "good looking face" do. Heck, as far as I can tell he and every other guy on the Mooseheads with a "good looking face" are basically condemning girls (and Knotek) to spend half of their day locked in a bathroom stall crying.

So is it true? Well, according to one Czech news website it would appear so. A sketchily translated article from Nova Sport states:
From overseas are returning to Pilsen two young odchovanci - Dominik Bohac defender and attacker Jan Stransky. "In contrast, overseas leave Tomas Kubalík, which has a contract with Columbus, and the sea remain defender David Štich," said Zavoral.
I guess the real question is - is this Czech newspaper any more reliable than Wuest's report? Well, the HC Lasselsberger Plezn website from which I took his dreamy picture says YES. He will no longer be rolling in Laurier's because we Canadians tell him he is pretty. He is leaving that job for all the other good looking Mooseheads.

Update: See Wuest's blog


"Dave Schultz" said...

sigh. he's so pretty.

Q-girl said...

Don't tell him that. In Mooose Land he gets a dollar for every time someone tells him he is good looking...or something like that. Supposedly he is a millionaire now. I have my suspicions that he is nowhere near that though.

"Dave Schultz" said...

I will tell him and I will pay him. Cuz he's dreamy.