Saturday, March 14, 2009

You hurt you more than you hurt me

The Halifax Mooseheads lost to the Saint John Sea Dogs by a score of 3-2, thus officially eliminating them from contention for the 2009 QMJHL playoffs.

What can I say? I am personally offended* that Jessyko Bernard sat in favour of Guillaume (broken knee) Pelletier. Here we are in a MUST WIN game and we sit a hard working forward in favour of a guy who has not played since December, a guy who only received 2 shifts all game. This means that the Mooseheads were running with 7 defencemen and essentially 10 forwards... because exhausting your forwards by only running 3 lines is the SMARTEST thing you can do in a MUST WIN game.

As usual, Jessyko was amusing in the intermission interview. He is apparently making good use of that 'Dance Dance Revolution' game I theoretically gave him for X-mas. However did I know? Call it a woman's intuition. He is a triple threat: singer, dancer, hockey player. He can also do sit, paw, rollover and attack. Unfortunately, I have never spotted him wandering through the concourse during intermissions. It is like he is trying to avoid me, probably because he knows that I am crazy and I that if I were to see him I would try to pet him and give him a milkbone.

The game:
Bernard, O'Brien, Dunn and Boland were sitting out for the Moose

Randell, Knotek and Grant played together
Stransky, Desjardins and Piette played together
Cheremetiev, Bahm and Louis-XVI played together.
Bety was a floater.** (epic fail - see edit below)

The Moose were slow to start but they did have some high energy shifts, one of the best being a shift by Stransky, Desjardins and Piette about 10 minutes into the first period. Despite the effort, the Moose just could not opportunize, and lost their one goal lead early in the second period. Robert Mayer was a little shaky but he did make some excellent saves and when he does the splits my groin hurts, not from lust, but merely out of sympathy.

The SeaDogs had 32 shots on net, and no power play goals. Unfortunately at least one of those Sea Dogs goals was kinda soft. No, flowers are not going to cut it!! Besides, that is not even me - that is Gerrad Grant (damn that mynx). Gerrad always wears the yellow dress, because as every model knows, yellow is the hot colour for spring. I am the one (temporarily) skulking away to find a cute little spriggin' such as Drew Owsley to comfort me. Just give me a second...OK, I'm over it.

But I still wonder why Yetman was not called to the bench earlier... it is not like he wasn't rearing to leave when the Moose were applying serious pressure in the Sea Dogs zone with just under 2 minutes to go... because, you know, this game was all about smart decisions: like sitting Jessyko out, or separating your top three scorers into 3 different lines.


  • I just remembered that the most disappointing thing about yesterday's game was O'Brien saying that he liked Nickelback.
  • The way the guys behind me bitch about Bona you would think that he is Judas. Like sometimes I even think that "Damn Bona" is the official psalm of their religion. I hate them. Apparently I am intolerant of religions that I simply do not understand.
  • Desjardins had a brilliant opportunity in the second period and shot for the empty net, but a Sea Dogs defender stopped the puck in mid air with his stick. It was worlds of disappointing.
  • Mooseheads goals were by Tomas Knotek (from Stransky and Randell) on the power play, and Gerrad Grant (from Knotek and Justin Pender). Both were very nice goals, but Gerrad's was nicer.
  • When the game ended the boys looked soooooo dejected. They are much more disappointed about this than me.
  • Martin Brodeur did not look so dejected...oops sorry, wrong game. RAWR.

Matthew Wuest interviewed Eric Louis-XVI for his latest game review:
“That’s very tough for us,” said 19-year-old forward Eric Louis-Seize, outside a dejected locker room afterward. “We were expecting to come out with two wins (against Saint John). It’s hard for us. We didn’t quit, we didn’t stop battling, and it’s disappointing.”

...All that’s left to be determined on Sunday is whether the Mooseheads will finish the season tied with the franchise’s lowest single-season point total. They are currently tied with the 2003-04 entry with 44 points, and need a win or overtime/shootout loss to move ahead.

“We’re not changing our game plan,” Louis-Seize said. “It doesn’t matter if we’re out of the playoffs, we’re coming out with the same attitude. This is the last time we’re all together here and nobody’s giving up.”
*OK that is a lie. I am not personally offended by anything, especially not a player sitting. However, I do lubs me some Jessyko. I call dibs.

** from Wuest

Gerrad Grant/Tomas Knotek/Travis Randell
Charles Bety/Yuri Cheremetiev/Linden Bahm
Gabriel Desjardins/Alexis Piette/Jan Stransky
Eric Louis-Seize/Guillaume Pelletier

artwork by Megan Whitmarsh @


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