Saturday, March 14, 2009

What the Fuckery?

The AUS has announced its all star teams. Let me just list them for you here:

First team all-stars
G - Kevin Lachance, Moncton (3rd year - Vanier, PQ) - goaltender
D - Scott Hotham, Saint Mary's (4th year - Barrie, ON)
D - Andrew Hotham, Saint Mary's (2nd year - Barrie, ON)
F - Hunter Tremblay, UNB (2nd year - Timmins, ON)
F - Marc Rancourt, Saint Mary's (4th year - Gloucester, ON)
F - Kevin Henderson, UNB (2nd year - Toronto, ON)

Second team all-stars:
G - Danny Battochio, StFX (3rd year - Lively, ON) - goaltender
D - Dustin Friesen, UNB (5th year - Waldheim, SK)
D - Jean-Phillippe Paquet, Moncton (1st year - St-Georges de Beauce, PQ)
F - Pierre-André Bureau, Moncton (4th year - St-Prosper, PQ)
F - Cam Fergus, Saint Mary's (2nd year - Brantford, ON)
F - Justin Donati, UPEI (2nd year - Oakville, ON)

All-rookie team:
G - Kristofer Westblom, Acadia (Meadow Lake, SK) - goaltender
D - Jean-Phillippe Paquet, Moncton (St-Georges de Beauce, PQ)
D - Bretton Stamler, UNB (Edmonton, AB)
F - Jonathan Laberge, Acadia (Ste-foy, PQ)
F - Dean Ouellet, Moncton (Edmunston, NB)
F - Chris Bruton, Acadia (Calgary, AB)

Yeah. I noticed it too. It seems to be missing something. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Where the FUCK is Travis Fullerton? The guy currently leading his team to the AUS championship (FYI UNB defeated St Mary's by a score of 5-1 tonight). The guy with a league leading 3 shutouts in only 13 regular season games played. The guy with a 1.80 GAA/ 0.914 save% for the regular season, and a 1.29 GAA/ 0.940 save % for the playoffs (not including yesterday's game). The guy with stats better than all of these other chumps including the three all stars indicated below in red.

Bitches please!

Furthermore, is there a 14 game limit and Travis played one game too few to be included in the statistical leaders or do we just like fucking with him (yes please). I am pretty sure that players must play in 40% of games to be ranked and that 13 games is > than 40 % of 28 games.

Dear UAS all star team choosing guys
Maybe he is not on the rookie team because he is off somewhere fucking all of your wives. I sincerely hope so because that is what you deserve for leaving him off this list.

Also read this article on UNB's goaltending situation. Minutes played has limited Fullerton from being on the AUS stats list.
Fullerton's minutes (665) weren't enough to qualify him for the official stats, but the numbers are telling. His goals against mark of 1.80 including three shutouts is second-best in the entire country, only behind Alberta's Aaron Sorochan who finished with a 1.66 mark in 1049 minutes.

Oh dear lord, second best in the country *fans self*. I have to go buy more underwear for the sole purpose of throwing them in the general direction of Fredericton... or the UNB net this Sunday evening at the Halifax Forum. I have been denied long enough! No really, like since Jan 20, 2008. I totally keep track of these things because I am a fucking psycho... or because I have an amazing memory for stupid details.

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