Monday, March 16, 2009


Let it be known that in their last game of the season the Mooseheads defeated the Acadie-Bathurst Titan by a score of 6-3.

Everybody scored - including Gabriel O'Connor who finally got a goal from the point. The bench erupted in an orgy. For you see, Gabriel is a defensive defenceman and in his three years with the team he had yet to register a goal. Congrats are in order.

Stransky, Desjardins, Pender, O'Brien (who was long overdue as well), and Louis-XVI also scored for the Moose.

I will have more to say later. For now I'll just say congrats to the boys on the win and for keeping it entertaining - yes three fights, and 2 in the first eight seconds of the game IS entertaining. You were on it like Elisha Cuthbert on an NHLer. That means you were really really on it.

I am going to post one of Rikk's video's here just to make this more entertaining, and to show you how much hair Eric has. Damn!!! I am entering him into the fro-off that is currently taking place between my boyfriend and my friend Dave. Also, because I know that Hammer thinks that Eric is pretty so I thought that maybe she might also like to see him being studly.

To the old guys: Pender (who knew you were so sensitive?), Bona and Yetman. Bon voyage and good luck with all your future endeavors. May you remain studly as you age, because trust me... it is all downhill from 22. I get a funny feeling in my nether regions every game during the second period. If any of you can figure out why I'll buy you a beer. You are right - it's a trap! Sorry, but I had to try.

Team awards were also given out at this game. I have listed the winners below:
Rookie: Gabriel Desjardins
Most Improved: Alexis Piette
Unsung Hero: Linden Bahm and Charles Bety
Best defensive Forward: Travis Randell
Fan's Choice: Tomas Knotek
MVP: Tomas Knotek
Best Defenceman: Gabriel O'Connor
Director's Choice: Mark Yetman
Community involvement: Scott McDonald
Playa's Playa (Sportsmanship): Graham Bona
Academic: Ben MacAskill

I hope I have not forgotten anyone

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wrap around curl said...

Isn't directors choice something they give out at the AVN?

Q-girl said...

In this case it is the trophy that they give to the guy who didn't win one of the other fancier trophies - usually a 20 year old player. I really have no idea what it is supposed to be for.

I have started to believe that it is for not playing up to the level that everybody thought you would play at when the gr'ups decided you should stay on as a 20 year old with the team.

Q-girl said...

Oh my what you are saying wrap is that Yeti is a porn star!!! I just realized your implications. I'll check on him, and then on previous winners, and get back to you.